Job search tips for Uganda graduates


Congratulations on your degree.  Now what is next?  Job search.

CV aka Resume:

It must be 1 – 2 pages only.  Generally a CV is 1 page for every 10 years of work experience.  Stop sending out CVs of 8 – 12 pages when you have not even been in the work force for 3 years.  Long CVs are shreded with no call back.  I have written about writing CVs in the past.  http://nangalama.blogspot.ca/2015/11/your-cv-will-get-you-job-if-you-do-it.html  I also send copies of my CV and please do remember that I am not looking for a job unlike you.

Your life story is of no interest to potential recruiters.  Neither is your gender (usually your name is okay) and remember that your parents, tribe or village does not matter in this age.  Some of you include your pictures on your CVs.  WRONG. Unless you are Matthew Macfadyen or Shakira no one is interested.

Use only the phone number you answer and the email address you check.  It is not swag to provide numerous phone numbers and multiple emails on your CV.  Who has the time to check up on you on all of them?  Time is money!

Social Media:

Beware of how you use Social Media and for Uganda, it is mostly Fakebook.  Everything you post on your page can be used against you.  Keep your page clean, no insults and whatever you write (even comments) better not be insulting or use broken English (Unglish is not an International language).  If any of your friends tag you or post inappropriate things on your page, remove them immediately and unfriend or block the person.

Generally when you apply for a job, the first thing that most recruiters do is put your name in a Google search and voila, your FB profile shows up with your picture and posts plus comments on other people’s posts.  Your FB picture should be professional.  Nudity is not tolerated so put your shirt back on.  Women need to minimize make up.  The men need a clean cut for their hair.

Social Media is free advertising of you.  Use it responsibly and to your benefit.  Use your real names and your real picture.  Many recruiters will find it shocking that you do not have an FB account.  Then watch you as you say “But I do not use my real names on Facebook”.  Aha, if you can lie to the world, how much damage will you do to the company through your lying?  Dismissed or mostly is no interview arranged for you.  One simple mistake just cost you an opportunity.

Job Search is a full time job:

Your job now is 8hrs per day 5 days a week looking for a job.  Become best friends with the nearest Internet Cafe to your residence.  Barring that, buy a Galaxy or Lumia and buy MBs so that you can read all the job sites available in Uganda.  In this age, most jobs are posted online.  So even if you comb through the local dailies for jobs, remember that most jobs will likely end up on the internet.  If you do not know how to use the Internet (FBzero does not count), contact me.  http://myjobsug.com/

Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada


The writer has experience in recruiting graduates and experienced job seekers.

I email sample CVs to Ugandans who request via their emails.

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