Israel right to raid Entebbe, Amin criminal to aid terrorists-Museveni


Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has lauded the government of Israel for sending commandos in 1976 to rescue their nationals who were taken hostage by terrorists at Entebbe airport.

“We stand against terrorism on principle. We have never supported Terrorism,” Museveni told Israel Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, on Monday during the 40th anniversary of Entebbe raid.

Museveni said former President Idi Amin’s “hobby nobby” with terrorists was a crime in itself.

“Amin’s ignorant army couldn’t even deploy properly during the Entebbe raid. Otherwise, the raid would never have been successful,” he said, clarifying that Amin was wrong to side with the terrorists and Israel was right to come and rescue her people.


President Yoweri Museveni

“Amin was wrong to keep the hostages and Israel was right to carry out the rescue mission.”

“Fortunately, the rescue mission succeeded and the innocent individuals were rescued,” Museveni added.

Museveni who noted that by the time of the raid, NRA fighters were already fighting Amin for six years, pointed out that indiscriminate use of violence is criminal.

“You can be a freedom fighter without being a terrorist. Targeting non-combatants defines boundary between terrorists and freedom fighters.”


“Why target civilians? Even unarmed soldiers shouldn’t be attacked. For us we use disciplined and purposeful violence. We don’t attack innocent people.”

Museveni observed that when it comes to which war to fight, its about which cause and what methods calling for justified methods not terrorism.

Justifying Israel raid at Entebbe as necessary, Museveni revealed that many people confuse freedom fighting for terrorism.

Museveni called for discipline and purposeful fights in place of indiscriminate violence saying, “even if an individual has a just cause for fighting, he or she should distill their methods”.

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