Irish media says TVO-Muwema case dismissed

Fred Muwema

Fred Muwema

Lawyer Fred Muwema failed to secure a High Court order directing Facebook Ireland to take down alleged defamatory postings about him from its service, reports Irish media.

According to Irish Examiner, Justice Donald Binchy in his last Friday judgement said that he was dismissing the application for various orders sought by Muwema.

The orders sought included compelling Facebook to take down the page.

Muwema claimed that he was defamed in postings made by a blogger called ‘TVO’, who accuses him of accepting a Shs900m bribe to stage-manage a break in at his office.

He said that Facebook has a duty to ensure it is removed as publisher of the material.

His injunction application was brought in Dublin because Ireland is Facebook’s headquarters for its service outside the US and Canada.

Facebook denied that it has a duty to remove the material, particularly in circumstances where much of it is available across the internet by simply Googling ‘Muwema’ and ‘bribe’.

It had agreed to provide the lawyers with any details it holds in relation to the identities and location of the persons who operate the ‘TVO’ Facebook page.

However, the judge said Facebook has a defence to the claim of innocent publication as provided for in section 27 of the 2009 Defamation Act.

Justice Binchy said that the action should also be refused because it would serve no useful purpose.

During the hearing evidence was given to the court that the same and other damaging allegations about Muwema had appeared on other websites and publications.

He needed a court order because despite the bringing of legal proceedings, the blogger had posted more defamatory material.

Material was on other parts of the internet because Muwema had to give interviews to Ugandan media denying the allegations.

Source: Irish examiner

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