Internet a source of wealth-Museveni


Museveni receiving gifts from women in Patongo

I’m very happy to be here in Patongo in Agago for my third rally, when Patongo finally is a place of peace.

You people of Patongo are my witnesses to what peace means.

You remember Kony was cooking people alive while cattle rustlers from Karamoja wreaked havoc. All that is history. Patongo now is a place of peace.

It’s also a place of development. When I come here and see electricity, I know development is here.

When NRM came to government, electricity was stopping in Lira, even Kitgum didn’t have. But now we’re taking it inside Patongo, Kalongo, even Barlonyo has electricity.

We’ve also found money to tarmac all major roads like the one from Masindi Port, Lira, Apac. I am beginning to think of new ones.

But even as we develop, we must think of ending poverty and creating wealth. We must have wealth neighbouring development. We’ve already sent soldiers to help you with modern farming.

But it should be modern farming with profitability. I am glad that you’ve responded very well. We’ve discovered there’s a lot of thirst for planting materials. We’re going to budget for more money for inputs.

I also advise that you plant one acre of citrus, one acre of coffee, keep adok or cows for milk, then food crops, cassava etc, chicken, pigs for non-Muslims and fish farming for those near swamps.

We are also creating wealth through factories. Big factories like those in Lira or small ones like maize mill, ginneries, etc

Now that we have electricity, we should have more of those. In 1986, we produced only 200,000 tonnes of maize, we now produce 4 million tonnes. Much of it goes to Kenya unprocessed as grain. When we export maize unprocessed, we get little money but we export part of maize for chicken feed, etc. All that goes, including jobs.

Therefore the government is having an innovation fund to help support the small scale industries.

We should also look at wealth from services like shops, taxis, salons, boda boda, hotel, etc.

The other source of wealth is from the Internet. It offers opportunities for working for companies abroad even when you are here. All our people should involve in one or a number of these activities.

As I was coming here, I saw you’re growing mainly sorghum. One point in our manifesto is using fertilisers. As you grow sorghum, if we give you fertilisers, your yield will increase.

We shall also do irrigation which we have perfected at Olweny Scheme, Doho and Mubuku. We want that model to spread.

Our manifesto also talks of education. We are adding exercise books as a package of the government to the children. Parents will now stay providing school uniform and food. Government will do the rest. We shall also provide mathematical sets. For girls, we shall provide sanitary pads.

I end by pointing out that NRM does all this by prioritization. We can’t do everything at same time.

We have money now. In 1986 we had 5b now we collect 13,000b. I call upon you people of Patongo and Agago to vote NRM, the Old man with hat and all our party flag-bearers.

President Yoweri Museveni’s speech at Patongo in Agago on Monday

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