Integrity is doing the right even when no one is watching you. It is upon this premise that not only Accountants but all professionals must run their trades.
Well, not only professions but let us look at this funny scenario though it sounds too fictional:

Your partner takes you on a surprise dinner.

He/she blind folds you and takes you home. When you arrive he/she takes you to the table and tells you to sit tight while he/she fetches the champagne.

While your partner is away, you run your hand around the table and you feel it is a full chicken of which you take a wing and eat it then hide the bones in your pocket and wipe your mouth/lips. (that would be stupid)
Bae comes back, removes the blind fold and you realize Bae’s family is sitting around the table.

It is a common habit that many of us only mind about our actions when we know someone is watching or will know, we do things to impress others.

There is nothing else I will add to this but the reminder that we need to always act with integrity, apathy and humanely with compassion, tenderness and sympathy for other people and other living things.

Before you can dismiss me, remember that whatever you do in the dark is seen either by you or God. I would not like to impress other people but myself.

What about you? Do you cheat your boss, parents, cheat on your girlfriend/boyfriend? This message is meant for you!

Mr. Denis Wabuyi is an accountant, researcher and writer.  He also writes the X-Files from the village.

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