Integrity and good will for business


Most international business people know what those two terms mean (integrity and good will).

We all know that we have much work to do in Uganda to help develop the country.

Integrity will help you build your empire.  Remember that for every customer you lose, you lose a minimum of 6 potential customers and even more.

The people you deal with in anything and everything will always remember you for keeping your word.

Alas, far too many of us break our word.

Good will is simply the fact that you have become well known for something you have done or what you do and then your clients give referrals about your company or work.  Word of mouth is very important.  Goodwill can be measured but most times one cannot quantify it.

Looking at Uganda, only the best people work with Integrity and Goodwill in mind.

Always retain your clients because you will get more.

Always do your best with your employees, suppliers and clients and then you will see the Goodwill kick in and before you know it, you will be a legend too.

Consistency is also key.  You cannot say something now and then say a different thing in 3yrs.

Uganda is a developing country and has joined the world in competing for investments, deals and opportunities.  If we do not work consistently according to what we promises people, we shall continue to lag behind Tanzania, Rwanda and Kenya.

Do not burn yourself up before your idea takes off.  Customer retention is key and for this one, you will have to work hard and dedicate a team to keep an eye on why some customers leave you or why some stay.  Exit interviews were not only meant for employees leaving jobs.  They were also meant for suppliers to understand why some clients desert you and join your competitor.

It was interesting how Facebook Inc. crashed Google+.  You can read for yourself at this link.

Facebook basically hired one of the top Engineers at MySpace who had been hacking Facebook accounts and chose to make him an employee instead of calling the FBI on him.

Facebook had Goodwill and a great reputation for keeping all their brains around and rewarding them handsomely. The lesson is that if you do not do the right thing, someone out there will hire your best brains.

In Uganda, money is nothing much like most of the world.  If you are a thief and liar, you get it easily.  However, to retain and attract the best people, your word is key and your actions will show it.  In this age, anyone prospecting for a job can easily find out anything and everything about how you run your business.

Information you might not like but you could use.

Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Uganda.

The writer has an IT and business background.


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