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There are many types of insurance. I will only talk about the types of the ones I know.

  1. Medical insurance covers expenses if you get sick. If you do not fall for ObamaCare, then move to Canada. We will build a wall soon and you will pay for it.

In Canada and like most countries, you fall sick. You go to a hospital or clinic and you pay nothing.

All surgery is prioritised to urgency. Your money does not get you ahead of the lineup. Unlike USA where if you have no money, Canada treats then asks for payment later.

Before ObamaCare, go to ER without insurance and see. President elect Trump trashed the Canadian system for us not allowing rich people go ahead of the “poor”.

In 2007, when Saint Regional ran out of plasma to treat me, my nurse called the New Brunswick government.  The province dispatched a plane to the province of Quebec to fly in supplies. No cost to my family. The company could also have sent a plane but there was no need. When you need 20-30 donor units daily, you better live in a jurisdiction which will take care of that. Failing that, better work for a company which protects employees.

That year 2007 was hard on Canada and my employer. The company insurer had chartered an Air Ambulance to fly me home.

2) Travel Insurance. Never travel without this insurance.

Your government medical care covers you in your jurisdiction. I dropped dead in another province. Company insurance kicked in. The flight from Ontario to New Brunswick is only 2.5hrs. Your province will not charter a plane to fly you home.

It then becomes your insurance or your employer’s insurance. Some $50,000 later no sweat. Imagine when Africand were complianing about ebola. I have no idea how much it costs to air ambulance someone from Africa to USA.

I watched many Africans say that only whites were being airlited. WRONG. I would also have been airlifted and I am not white. The companies who were airlifting their people had insurance.

3) Property insurance. There could be a hurricane, flood or something silly by nature. You wake up and everything is ruined. Call the insurance company.

4) Motor insurance. You might get into an accident. Call the insurance company.

5) Business insurance or crop insurance. You might not get paid for thatshipment. Export insurance kicks in. OR did we have a drought and the harvest has ruined you? Call your insurer.

6) Disability insurance. You might have a stroke or heart attack. You go with no pay. Who then pays your bills? Call your insurance.

7) LIFE INSURANCE. The last and most important. Your mortgage. Sustenance for your family. Education for your kids. This is the most expensive insurance. But think about it. If you get hit by lightening, must your family lose your home for not paying the mortgage? Must your kids miss school because you died?

Life insurance should be mandatory for the primary income earner. You might be dead but does your family not deserve a home? Do your kids have to drop out of school just because you died. BUY LIFE INSURANCE. My yardstick is minimum 6 times of your yearly salary.

Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada

Twitter: @mlnangalama

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