Immediate Release of the 2 detained Generals and former governor


African Youth Action network is non-profit, non-political organisation formed by a group of

youth as part of the call to action by youth towards true development, respect of human rights

and for youth to be agents of positive change and peace builders in the societies.

African Youth Action Network have gathered evidenced that two generals and former governor of

Western Bhar el ghazal state were arrested and detained at the SPLA Headquarters in Bilpam the

neighbourhood of Manga Teen on 19th /03/2016.

We thank the Chief of General Staff (COGs) for they have not been tortured and have access to

medical care while in detention

We also call upon the COGs SPLA Headquarters to present the detained general and former

governor in an independent military tribunal or court so that they are charged with recognisable

offence compatible to the SPLA laws and not repugnant to the international law and standard or

immediately release them

Detaining a person without charge is inconsistent to the principle of habeas Corpus which states that

a person cannot be imprisoned for more than 24 hours without being presented in an independent

court or tribunal

Their names are as follows:

  1. Maj. Gen. Stephen Buoy Rolnyang
  2. Maj. Gen. Joseph Manyuat Manyzol
  3. Former governor Akoldit

Thanks in Advance for immeasurable consideration

Malual Bol Kiir,

Executive Director, African Youth Action Network (AYAN)

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