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Amama receives flowers from a young girl in Kanungu


“If you want change, vote for me and we take Uganda forward,” Amama Mbabazi was Thursday busy in his home district Kanungu convincing residents to give him power.

Mbabazi who welcomed warmly, was later asked why he hasn’t left the ruling party, NRM.

“…but can you leave a house that you built for yourself?” Amama wondered.

The former NRM former Secretary General said he built NRM and still believes in its principles.


Speaking in Fort Portal on Tuesday, Mbabazi said the ruling party was bent on intimidating and provoking him but he wouldn’t badge.

He was commenting on an incident in which an NRM helicopter bearing Museveni posters landed at Booma grounds, a venue for his scheduled campaign rally.

The chopper was carrying a former Internal Security Organisation (ISO) chief, Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde.

Mbabazi’s rally was also interrupted after a wire connecting the generator to his public address system was suspiciously removed by alleged NRM supporters.

Speaking in Kanungu today, Mbabazi said some cynics claimed he had no support in his home district, the reason he chose to start campaigns from elsewhere [Masaka].

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“Because I wanted them to see I didn’t only have support at home. I am here to ask for your vote to become the president of Uganda.”

Mbabazi said while he spent over 30 years in government, he wasn’t president and didn’t have executive powers in the country.

“Only the president has this power. I want to oversee the peaceful transition of power from this generation to the next.”

He said Go Forward was about change and establishing systems that work for everyone, “a Uganda that works for everyone”.

Votes, agriculture

To fight vote rigging, Mbabazi asked supporters to endeavour to stay at the polling stations after voting, “so they don’t steal our vote”.

“I will also do my part from Kampala.”

Mbabazi promised to improve on the level of agriculture and also provide market for those commodities.

“We also intend to fight corruption with an iron fist. We shall also create employment for our youth.”


Mbabazi also emphasised that he was working with Besigye for the common goal of changing the government.

“Me and Besigye agreed to work together because we have the same goals.”

“But we will represent different parties,” he clarified.

Besigye and Amama failed to choose a joint candidate among themselves during The Democratic Alliance Summit.

They further met in Nairobi Kenya and London in the UK but still failed to agree.

Speaking at Kamuli Broadcasting Services (KBS) in Busoga, Besigye said TDA was “non-existent.”

“I think it [TDA] is no longer useful to waste any time on a non-existent democratic alliance,” Besigye said.

He added: “We [FDC] are now focusing all our energies on our campaigns to see the best way of taking our programmes forward because we have very little time for this campaign.”

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