I’ll restore term limits-Mbabazi


Amama procession in Mbarara


Former Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi, has promised to restore presidential term limits which President Yoweri Museveni scrapped to stay in power for 30 years.

Months back, Museveni fired back at US president, Barack Obama, who while visiting Kenya and Ethiopia in July, talked about good governance and democracy attacking African leaders who over stay in power.

Museveni who is running for a fifth term in 2016 general elections told press at State House Entebbe on Monday: “I’m not responsible for what Obama talks. I don’t care, that’s none of my business.”

Museveni said he was in power because people vote him and because Uganda outlawed term limits.

In June 2005, a total of 232 MPs voted in favour of the motion, 50 against and one abstained leading to the scrapping of term limits.

In a recent debate, MPs accused each other of taking bribes to remove term limits which they think should now be restored.

Museveni says he is following the constitution of Uganda which mandates him to stand as longer as people are still willing to vote for him.

“Term limits will be restored,” his rival in the 2016 general elections, Amama told the people of Mbarara town while addressing a rally at Booma grounds on Saturday.


Amama arriving at Booma grounds Mbarara

“I am here to oversee a peaceful change of regime and transfer of power from this generation to the next,” Amama told the crowd that gathered to listen to him.

He said Uganda has been independent for 53 years and “we haven’t had a peaceful change of regime”.

“I only ask of you one thing, no one should be left behind.”

Mbabazi told the people of Mbarara that if they want change, they should know who to vote for.

“I know, what you’re asking yourselves. What can I do for you that I haven’t been able to the last 30 years? I wasn’t president, so I have come to ask for your vote in the coming presidential election.”


Mbabazi said he will launch his manifesto tomorrow, Sunday.

The manifesto, Mbabazi said, outlines a plan for the creation of a new Uganda that works for everyone.

“I urge you parents to consider the type of future you are leaving for your children.”

“Are you voting for change or will you remain stagnant. Ask yourself what you are voting for come Election Day.”

He said his government will compensate government workers and also work on the issue of pensions.

“We will go into full detail about all of it tomorrow but I can promise we intend to remove it completely.”

He said corruption is another issue he will tackle tomorrow in his manifesto.


“Tomorrow we’ll talk about taxation and how we intend to remove it. The day I become president, taxation will stop.”

He promised to talk about clean water, infrastructure, employment, medicare and taxation while launching his manifesto.


Mbabazi said there was a lot of intimidation in Mbarara urging the voters not to let it keep them from voting.

He said there was evidence of his posters being defaced, removed and replaced with those of Museveni in the night.

Boda boda motorcyclists, he said, had their bikes were locked away at Speke hotel and Rwizi hotel to prevent them from taking part in his procession.

Others were paid money and given fuel to shun his rally.

Police also blocked roads to disrupt his procession only to be overpowered by supporters.

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