I’ll ensure Museveni wins 2021 polls with 80%- Kamya


Kamya addressing a gathering in Wakiso district

In what her critics have described as absurd, minister in charge of Kampala Beti Kamya has pledged to work harder for President Yoweri Museveni and also ensure that he wins the 2021 presidential elections.

Although Museveni has not publically declared his interest to stand for another term in the next elections and also given the fact that he will be over 75 years which is the mandated age limit for one to  contest for presidency according to the constitution of the republic of Uganda.

Kamya said she will ensure that he wins with more than 80 percent in the capital Kampala, a strong hold for the opposition.

“Your excellency, I will campaign for you and deliver all the Kampala votes in the 2021 elections. I will make sure that YKM wins with 80% in Kampala and I will be his chief campaigner,” said Kamya, who in the past was known for criticising Museveni’s continued stay in office and abuse of presidential powers.

Kamya even suggested that President Museveni who is now 72, is still strong, has stamina and should win another term to take his tenure in power to 40 years.

President Museveni who attended the event did not directly respond to Kamya but cautioned Kampala residents against voting opposition politicians, saying they had not done much for them.

In 2007, for example, Kamya also the president of Uganda Federal Alliance wrote in the media, “He (Museveni) never means a word he says unless it benefits his plans, which are usually in conflict with the constitutional rights of individuals, the rule of law, constitutionalism and universally accepted norms of honesty.”

Kamya was reacting to the president’s State of the Nation Address adding “President Museveni promised that 2001/6 would be his last term in office, but went on to change the Constitution to have unlimited terms. At the beginning of his rule, he promised Ugandans a fundamental change, we are still waiting. Shouldn’t the fundamental change have manifested itself in 1990, when we should have had elections, since YKM had promised in 1986, that he would require only four years to refocus Uganda on the democratisation course, then organise elections?”

Her yesterday pledge to Museveni came shortly after the president had toured Wekembe Market in Wakiso District and donated Shs100 million to Wekembe-Kawempe Market SACCO and another Shs100 million to Kenyatta Development SACCO in Kawempe.

If Kamya’s plan is to succeed, it would require parliament which is dominated by Museveni’s ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party members scrap the age limit to allow president Museveni contest for presidency.

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