I will spill your dirty secrets-Gashumba warns Mutabazi


UCC executive director, Godfrey Mutabazi

Sisimuka Uganda founder, Frank Gashumba, has warned Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) executive director, Eng Godfrey Mutabazi, not to provoke him again or else…

Gashumba was enraged by a directive from UCC threatening to revoke the broadcasting licence of NTV Uganda for hosting him on one of its programmes.

In a directive dated October 10, 2016, signed by UCC spokesperson Fred Otunnu, the regulator ordered NTV to stop hosting programmes that give the controversial activist a platform to mudsling government and its officials.

The regulator accuses Gashumba of using profane and abusive language whenever he appears on TV.

Gashumba who now defines UCC as “Genetically, blessed certified cowards”, says in September this year, NTV hosted him as a guest analyst on the station’s evening Luganda news bulletin, ‘NTV Akawungeezi’ to basically give an analysis of a topic that was decided by the NTV’s news department.

The activist says that not being a factory, he did not sugar-coat anything because he was not meant to be controlled since he was not created with a remote control.

He learnt a week ago that UCC had warned NTV not to dare host him again “and if they did not heed to the directives, they would revoke their license”.

“This is how far our country has gone!” charged Gashumba.

“When did UCC become a complainant? When did UCC become an investigator, court and a judge?” he queried.

He said if there was any crime he committed, police ought to summon him.

“Who conducted the investigations that found that I was using an abusive language? And how come NTV that hosted me is cautioned and I the purported offender have not been cautioned!”

He added: “I suspect small vampires who have participated in looting and mismanaging our country for many years, are using UCC to fight our freedom of expression.”

Lashes at Mutabazi

Gashumba assured the UCC ED Mutabazi that no one can stop him or make him give up on this country.

“These [Mutabazi] people seem to forget that we have the social media and with this letter, I am going to act like a wounded buffalo!”

Gashumba demanded that Mutabazi shows him the people who say he abused them and the videos showing he used an abusive language.

“I inspire, I don’t abuse.”

He now turned full venom: “You Mutabazi, you put off social media to steal Kizza Besigye’s votes. Now I’m recording this video, come and block it.”

In the February 2016 elections, UCC switched off all social media platforms claiming opposition was using mobile money to bribe supporters and Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube to rig elections.

Gashumba then reminded Mutabazi of how he has allegedly wasted tax payers’ money on his personal “selfish ends”.

In August this year, anger brewed on social media after it emerged that Mutabazi blew Shs3bn of tax payers’ money on foreign trips.

Mutabazi spent Shs605.7m between April 2012 and September 2015.

UCC also reportedly released Shs80.5m to Mutabazi to travel to three destinations on the same day of September 1, 2015 [one ticket cost Shs20.9m, another Shs29.5m and another at Shs29.7m].

There was also a whooping shs101.5m ticket for Mutabazi to travel to Kigali in Rwanda, Harare in Zimbabwe and Dakar in Senegal.

In response, UCC said the events Mutabazi attended abroad were beneficial to the country.

Now Gashumba intends to spill some of the rot about Mutabazi that the public doesn’t know.

“You Mutabazi, I know many bad things about you. Provoke me again and I will wash you clean,” Gashumba signed off with a stern warning.

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