I will do it myself since I know everything – kills morale of your employees


I have worked with many people in my life.

At school, at work, at church, at NGOs, etc.

One thing I have learned is to let people do things as they please.

You will have a manager or a team leader or supervisor act very nicely and make you enjoy what you are doing.  Then you will have the dimwit that thinks being a supervisor, team leader or manager makes them superior to you.  This is the type that causes headaches for companies and organisations.  People quit.

You also have the type that will say “I will do it myself”.  Because apparently, you can never do a good enough job.  Huh!  Give them the work and let them burn into ashes (or heart attack or both).

The attitude of I WILL DO IT MYSELF was first introduced to me by someone who is very precious.

Two years old.  “Mini, come here I gotta dress you up for church”.  Nooooo.  Come on Mini, we are gonna be late for church and I am teaching Sunday school this month so we cannot be late.


Made it to church on time.  The kids usually have to be in the worship hall with their parents.  Then the pastor says a prayer before sending them off with their Sunday School teacher (the teacher stands up so the kids see who they have to follow).

Pastor prays for the kids, I stand up and I have this little person completely dressed in Christmas colors in June. With her underwear on top of her clothes.  Temuseka, she was out of pampers way before that.

Grace Church was a special place for us.  No one laughed at all.  I was nearly crawling under a rock.  But then the pastor says “I can see someone dressed themselves”.  Reply “I DID IT MYSELF”.

The rest of the day was uneventful.

That is what you get when you want TO DO IT YOURSELF.  The egg white on your face.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

The writer is a mother of 3 girls.  Mini is now 14yrs old and still needs help with homework.

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