I was powerless in Museveni gov’t-Mbabazi


Amama addressing rally in Kizinda Ishaka Bushenyi district

Presidential candidate, Amama Mbabazi, spent Friday in Ishaka Bushenyi district canvassing for votes.

“Let us vote for change and Go Forward,” Mbabazi rallied voters at Kizinda grounds outside Ishaka town.

“If you want change you know who to vote for and my symbol is the chair,” he added.

He challenged voters to ask themselves whether they will vote for change or choose to stay stagnant in the Yoweri Museveni regime.

“Ask yourselves what you are voting for on Election Day.”

Amama guaranteed that his government will do more for the teachers in in Uganda unlike the Museveni regime that has somewhat ignored them.

“You all know how teachers fare now. I told him [Museveni] we can do more in terms of salaries and housing for the teachers.”

“I asked the president what good was it to build schools and not cater to teachers.”

The question of teachers’ welfare has become an opposition main point in the ongoing 2016 presidential campaigns.

FDC candidate Kizza Besigye promised to increase teachers’ salaries to Shs 650,000 [primary teachers] and Shs 1m for secondary teachers.

Speaking in Arua yesterday, Museveni criticised Besigye’s promise saying to achieve it he would have to take a reckless decision and cut the wage bill.

This, Museveni argued, would affect priorities like infrastructure.

Mbabazi’s powerlessness

Mbabazi who appreciated the warm welcome accorded him, told the people of Bushenyi that he was unable to make the changes he is advocating for because he was powerless in Museveni’s regime.

“I don’t have enough time so allow me to be brief. I know the question you’ve all asked yourself this question,” he quickly pointed out.

“What can you offer you that I haven’t been in the position to, all these years?” he continued, saying the constitution of Uganda gives all executive power to the president.

“The office of the prime minister is only there to advise the president, not to make decisions for him.”

Mbabazi then asked the people of Bushenyi to give him that power in 2016 so he can steer the country forward.

Museveni relying on Mbabazi ideas?

In an interview with The Observer, Mbabazi said President Museveni’s 2016 election manifesto was full of his [Amama’s] ideas.

“There is no election that NRM has been to [apart from this one] when I am not in charge of the manifesto. Look at their manifesto; it is a duplication of the previous one. Whose ideas were they? Those are my ideas,” Mbabazi told Observer.

“It, is instead, him campaigning on my ideas…,” Mbabazi said in response to President Museveni who told press in Arua that his rivals had nothing new to offer and that he would not leave the country in their hands.

Museveni in his address said Mbabazi was “deceiving people…Instead, he should read through my manifesto so that he stops promising what the NRM has already done”.

Museveni even dared promise to hand over power if defeated in the 2016 general elections but quickly pointed out that he would not the country in the hands of people like Mbabazi and Kizza Besigye.

“These fellows [Besigye, Mbabazi]…if I was sure that they would have targets, maybe I would say OK, let them continue. But they don’t have those targets. Even when I am in charge, you find them doing their own different things. So, how can I abandon Uganda to people who have no mission?” Museveni wondered.


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