How Rugby officials earned Uganda losses in Madagascar


Unbelievable but true. Only 16 (under 19) players traveled to Madagascar for Africa under 19, Tier 1B tournament. A full rugby squad has 24 players.

Honestly, how can a so called sane Union, send a National team with only one substitute player? We all know rugby is a contact sport and players suffer injuries.

Latest news from Madagascar, is that we were beaten like chicken, because the coach couldn’t substitute some injured players. We have another match on Sunday.

Can the URU explain?
1. Why they took less players.
2. If the players got allowances.
3. Why some players were told, they would travel 24 hours after the first group flew out, but were later told that Union has no money.
4. Why the players were told to pay for passports, yet they were going to represent the Country.
5. Did the Union pay for the tickets or the international Rugby Board?
Honestly, enough is enough. Heads must roll this time round.

National Embarrassment
Uganda fielded a team of injured under 19 rugby players in Madagascar, as the coach had no substitutes.

1st match played last Thursday: Madagascar 37 Uganda 6.
2nd match played on Sunday: Madagascar 48 Uganda 0
Uganda rugby Union, sent a team of 16 players, yet a full squad must have 24 players.
News from Madagascar, indicates that officials from International Rugby Board and Africa Rugby are in total shock and want a full report from URU about this scandal.
Uganda Rugby Union, ‘thanks’ for letting the players and Country down. Soon you guys, will fully account for all funds spent.
God save Ugandan Rugby.
Dixon Bond Okello, the author, is a security events guru

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