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The old saying goes something like “the customer is always right”. I am like “But the customer is an idiot”.  Boss calls me into the office.

My boss looks me into the face and asks why I yelled out on the floor that the customer was an idiot.

Me: Boss, yesterday when I made an error on the day end transactional report, you called me an idiot. This morning when I was late by 15 minutes, you called me an idiot.

Boss, I tried to explain to you that my baby had an ear infection and I had yo take her to the clinic first before but the doctor was busy and my appointment was not met by the doctor. I was not mad at the pediatrian because the other kid was having a hard time breathing.

Boss, I then tried to tell you that the baby was screaming all night and I got no sleep. You then told me I am lazy and not good for customer service skills.

Boss, please just let me take care of my little girl and she will get better. I will sleep more and do not call me an idiot in front of my workmates.

Boss calls me to go run the cash. And proceeds to say “you idiot, I will fire you because you are lazy and your daughter being sick is no excuse”.

Say what? The colleagues are watching and it is time to update their CVs. The customers are watching and say “who even runs this place? I need to speak to the manager. What just happened there is unacceptable. Poor woman”.

The annoyed customer gets into the manager’s office only to find the same person. “I cannot how you belittled that young mother. I will never shop here again and I will tell my family and friends to never shop here”.

You treated your employee with no compassion, you lost other employees and customers. You are now thinking “unemployment is 85%, I got rid of the lazy idiot”. WRONG! Buddy, you just lost customers because you did not treat your employee right.

A happy employee is what drives business success. Then the customer will be right. Till your employee is happy, your customers will go shop elsewhere.

Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada

Twitter: @mlnangalama

I have worked in customer service for a long time.

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