Give me power & I change Uganda-Amama


Mbabazi entering Mukono town yesterday

“If you give me the power, I will change this country for the better,” Amama Mbabazi told residents of Masaka who attended his rally on Tuesday.

Speaking at Golf Course grounds in Masaka town, Amama responded to an itching question by supporters who sought to know why he could not make the changes he is now talking about yet he has been in power for 30 years.

“I have been in government doing “delegated work”,” Mbabazi defended himself.

He said the president has all the power.

“He [President Museveni] just delegates others to go and do his work.”

Mbabazi explained that as such, while he was in the same government, he could not make any changes because he had now power.

“Having served with Museveni for 30 years, I have now decided to do the right thing.”

He urged the people of Masaka on the need for a peaceful change of government saying he knew the town before and after the liberation struggle.

Mbabazi also pledged to launch a “world war” on corruption once elected president.

He said government collects alot of money through taxes but that money is being misused by officials.

“We spend $150m on medical treatment abroad. We will invest that money in our hospitals instead.”

He said the health system is in a state of crisis citing a case of 19 women who die every day during childbirth.

To tackle unemployment, Mbabazi promised to bring investors who will set up industries and create jobs for the youth.

Mbabazi said he will have showed visible changes in just 100 days after being voted into power.

“When we change the leadership, we will tackle the problem of jobs and poor health system.”

Mbabazi promised to reveal what he intends to do after launching the 2016 campaign manifesto.

He was in Mukono yesterday and is expected in Mityana today.

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