Ghanaian fisherman brews rich girl’s love in a pot

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A young woman born to privilege, falls in love with the son of a fisherman, in a 1980 Ghanaian film directed by Kwaw Ansah.

Peter Kofi Nyamekyɛ, a Ghanaian upcoming poet alludes to Kwaw Ansah’s script to craft a romantic dramatic poem: “Love Brewed in the African Pot”.

AKWASI PEPRA (poor fisherman’s son): Here comes my love Obaapa Afia Abɛbrɛsɛ.

The magnificent and pretty daughter of Agya Kweku Asamoah Abɛbrɛsɛ the proverbial and finest palm wine tapper in Tano Odumasi.

Behold her beauty! Your beauty defies description.

Your smile stimulates groundnut seeds starved of rain in an infertile soil to sprout with vigour.

The mere sight of your waist beads resting on your sexy waist and hips makes all my sleeping parts wake.

Your set of teeth are neatly arranged like the cocoa plants planted beautifully on Agya Kwadwo Ampadu’s cocoa farm.

Your nice and naturally crafted curves and edges bestowed on you by your mother makes me forget our market days. I thank our ancestors for your presence in my life Afia Abɛbrɛsɛ.

AFIA ABɛBRɛSɛ (rich girl): Here is my love medɔfɔpa Akwasi Pepra Busummuru. The most handsome and strongest son of Agya Kwame Busummuru the strongest, bravest and famous hunter in Tano Odumasi.

Behold his handsomeness! Your handsomeness defies description.

The hair on your chest makes me sink in your love pond and your zestful hunting skills bestowed on you by your father makes me forget my house hold chores.

I thank our ancestors for your presence in my life Akwasi Pepra.

AKWASI PEPRA: I will sieve not the harvested love I have gathered in my heart for you. If you were a rabbit, I would never venture to harm it during my hunting duties.

I would rather bring it home, nurture it with love and the cooking pot will never be its final destination. I will always cherish you because you were created with my rib.

AFIA ABɛBRɛSɛ: I will never pour away the harvested rain water I have gathered in the water pot of my heart because it’s all yours to drink.

If you were a tomato, I would never grind it on those hard rocks.

I would rather nurse its seeds with abundant love and care, watch the seeds grow into beautiful and handsome seedlings inside my fertile womb’s soil.

I would make sure the tomato never ends up in my cooking pot. I am a product of your rib so I will cherish you always.

AKWASI PEPRA: Indeed you are the product of my rib. The moon of my heart. No wonder you light up my heart.

I will pluck a beautiful flower from the moon and present it to you at our meeting place under the baobab tree behind Awo Yaa’s house before noon.

You are the mother of my unborn hunters. They will step into my shoes when I finally join my ancestors after breathing my last on this land.

AFIA ABɛBRɛSɛ: Yes I am proud to be a product of your rib.

You are the star in my heart

Your light sparkles my heart

and it sparks my heart by heart

You are the salt in my favourite soup abɛ nkwan.

I will bathe you with abundant love till we join our great ancestors.

Please my love, my fertile soil has been tilled come and sow your seeds on this virgin soil of mine and I will breed not poltroons but rather brave hunters who will fit perfectly in your shoes after you have given up your spirit.

AKWASI PEPRA: Obaapa Afia Abɛbrɛsɛ, jilt me not.

Treat me not like a sugar cane which is massacred by sharp human teeth draining all its sweet juice and leaving it diminished and malnourished.

If you jilt me I will die before my time.

AFIA ABɛBRɛSɛ: Akwasi Pepra Busummuru, jilt me not.

Treat me not like a coconut which loses its importance after its palatable water is drained and used to quench the thirst of thirsty human throats whilst its belly is scraped leaving its dermis naked.

If you jilt me I will die too.

AKWASI PEPRA: I will take care of you like my greatest hunting weapon bow and arrow.

AFIA ABɛBRɛSɛ: I will handle you with care like my lost but found treasured waist beads given to me by my grandmother on the day of my puberty rite.

AKWASI PEPRA: Obaapa Afia Abɛbrɛsɛ, I will love you until my dying day. I LOVE YOU!

AFIA ABɛBRɛSɛ: Medɔfɔpa Akwasi Pepra Busummuru, I will love you more until my dying day


“Love Brewed in the African Pot” by Peter Kofi Nyamekyɛ.

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