Get rid of UN troops-Museveni tells Kiir


Museveni and Salva Kiir

President Yoweri Museveni has advised his South Sudan counterpart, Salva Kiir, to get rid of foreign [United Nations] troops from his country.

“Get rid of foreigners who bring troops to your country,” Museveni emphasised while speaking at Freedom Hall in the capital Juba where Kiir today signed the IGAD compromise agreement.

“You need to get foreigners out of your affairs,” Museveni told South Sudanese saying he has never invited UN to Uganda.

Museveni would rather hang than invite UN

“I have never invited the UN to Uganda because it’s a vote of no-confidence to yourself,” Museveni explained.

This is not the first or second time Museveni has belittled the world peace keeping body.

In May 2014, Museveni vowed to protect Ugandans and their property at all costs, saying it would be a vote of no confidence to our country to delegate that responsibility to foreigners.

“I have never called the United Nations to guard your security. Me, Yoweri Museveni to say that I have failed to protect my people and I call in the UN….I would rather hang myself.”

“We prioritized national security by developing a strong army otherwise our Uganda would be like DRC, South Sudan, Somalia or Nigeria where militias have disappeared with school children.”

He continued: “It would be a vote of no confidence to our country and citizens if we can’t guarantee our security, what kind of persons would we be?”

Unjust war

Speaking Wednesday in the capital Juba, Museveni said South Sudan warring parties were fighting an unjust war saying it [war] must end so that they resume the search for prosperity.

“The sooner you finish the war the better. What’s this war about? Are you fighting for prosperity? If yes, how? This war is interfering with development in Juba.”

“South Sudan war is a wrong war in a wrong place at a wrong time. This agreement is a minimum recovery project; you sign it, you get peace.”

Speaking on the same occasion, Ethiopian Prime Minister, Hailemariam Desaelgn, promised to work with Juba government to implement the deal.

Kenya President, Uhuru Kenyatta, said although there were some, reservations, Kiir needed to “put aside those reservations because with peace, those things will be resolved”.

“We cannot live in the past, but focus our attention on the future. We worked together with you to find a long lasting peace to South Sudan and the region,” Kenyatta urged.

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