Get off Facebook & manufacture, Rwabwogo tells Ugandans

aplicaciones First son-in-law, Odrek Rwabwogo, has faulted the hugest social media network, Facebook, for killing the quality of Ugandan conversations.

According to Rwabwogo, while other people are creatively using their brains to innovate and invent, Ugandans are on Facebook “gossiping”.

“Our people are running to Facebook without manufacturing and creating,” Rwabwogo said while appearing on NBS TV morning breeze Friday.

He added: “That is why conversation quality is poor.”

According to him, in the last 30 stable years, the population has grown and in order to create a middle class, more Ugandans should manufacture.

Rwabwogo said President Museveni calling on Ugandans to buy Ugandan is important.

“Nido is sold here yet we produce a lot of milk here. We should have the first right over this market. But before Ugandans buy local, startups need support.”


Senior journalist, Timothy Kalyegira, who was present on the show concurred with Rwabwogo urging the need for a change of mindset.

“Our mindsets need to change. Google ($498bn) was started with $100k, the same amount our MPs are clamoring for,” Kalyegira said.

He added: “Our quality of conversation is poor. Ugandans don’t read. Rather, they speculate much of the time.”

Kalyegira noted that contrary to national direction, there is need to teach the arts (literature, philosophy…), perhaps more than sciences.

He said, however, teaching sciences requires equipment, which Ugandans don’t have.

“The arts will help shift the mindset of Ugandans.”

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