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Generals plot to capture Machar stronghold


Ethiopian rebel leader Thokwath Pal Chay and newly defected general from SPLA rebel’s movement Gat-hoth Gatkuoth Hothnyang meeting in Nairobi

South Sudan Civil War will soon spill into neighbouring Ethiopia if serious actions are not quickly taken by both Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon and Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn.

On 6 August, 2015, Ethiopian rebel leader Thokwath Pal Chay and newly defected general from SPLA rebel’s movement Gat-hoth Gatkuoth Hothnyang convened a secret meeting in Nairobi, Kenya.

These two groups formed “Alliance Defense Pact” that will benefit them.

The meeting was attended by Hon. Changson Lew Chang, Salva Kiir’s spy, Gatwec Puoc Mar, and two representatives from Juba and SPLM-N.

Another meeting will take place in Eritrea any time in September, 2015 as proposed by both generals.

They discussed four of the following agendas: Formation of coalition forces between Ethiopian rebels and newly fired SPLA generals, establishment of military bases in three separate territorial zones, recruitment and training of Nuer Youth, Anyuak Youth, and Oromo Youth in their respective areas, secret relationship with Juba government and SPLM-N must be maintained at all times.

The formation of coalition forces in Eastern Jikany territory which will operate under the banner of “Alliance Defense Pact” would benefit both rebel forces of Ethiopia and South Sudan in either ways.

The proposed formation of coalition forces, at the interest of Juba regime, was not only limited to Eastern Jikany, but also Bentiu and Greater Lou Nuer whereby General Gatdet and Malith Gatluak should be in charge of their imaginary forces.

General Thokwath and General Gat-hoth prioritized their main targets in order to carry out what they called “successful joint operations.”

First, they planned to liberate Greater Maiwut including Pagak to create a living space for themselves.

Second, Ethiopian rebels with the support of their allies in Juba and SPLM-N would be able to get prepared for Gambella operation before the end of 2015.

Gambella invasion will bring dissatisfied Ethiopian citizens, especially Oromo and Anyuak, to join their liberation across country.

In the meeting, there were representatives from Juba a one Deng and a representative from SPLM-N named Khalis.

These representatives were well known to General Thokwath because it was not their first time to have held a meeting with him.

It was reported last year that Juba government gave Gen. Thokwath $1,000,000 US dollars, but it was denied by Juba officials as a baseless claim.

Furthermore, Deng, representative from Juba, suggested that all Nuer soldiers who are currently servicing in Mabaan should be put under general Gat-hoth Gatkuoth command to ease Pagak operation.

Similarly, Kalis commented on behave of SPLM-N that his leader Malik Agar will contribute soldiers for the capture of Greater Maiwut including Pagak as main target.

On top of that, Deng came with more dollar bills in Nairobi for General Thokwath and General Gat-hoth.

New bases

These two generals from different countries proposed three military bases.

They proposed the main base to be in Eritrea which is already exist for Ethiopian rebels.

Second base will be established in Blue Nile territory under control of SPLM-N.

Third base will be in South Sudan territory which is Kithgile, Mabaan in Adar State (previously known as Upper Nile State).

General Thokwath, the ideological political mentor for both rebel movements, will provide skill training to field officers in both three bases.

Ethiopian rebel soldiers are mainly from Anyuak and Oromo.

Recruiting Nuer youth

General Gat-hoth pledged to recruit all Nuer Youth in the villages into his new rebellion against mainstream of Nuer Community.

This recruitment of Nuer Youth in the villages will be reportedly be funded by Juba through the channel of Gatwec Puoc Mar to end what they called “Nuer rebellion against Dinka government.”

On the other hand, Ethiopian rebel leader will continue targeting Oromo and Anyuak Youth recruitments.

Both General Thokwath and General Gat-hoth have documented to keep secret relationships in check with Juba government and the support they are getting from SPLM-N which gives them operation bases in Blue Nile territory.

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