Gen Tumwine: Mbabazi, Biraaro, Besigye using NRM ideas


Army General Elly Tumwine says presidential candidates; Amama Mbabazi, Kizza Besigye and Maj Gen Benon Biraaro, are all using NRM ideas in their campaigns.

“Of the 8 candidates, 4 of them; Museveni, Mbabazi, Biraaro and Besigye are talking about ‪‎NRM ideas,” Tumwine said while appearing on NBS TV morning breeze Monday morning.

Mbabazi, Besigye and Biraaro all took part in Museveni’s bush war.

Tumwine said he was proud of NRM’s 30-year stewardship for providing room for disagreement and harmony for all Ugandans to live together.

“As per our 10 point program, one point has less marks than others; fight against corruption. We did well in first 10 years.”

He said today, Ugandans are spending more time and effort on talking about corruption than fighting it.

“Ugandans are focusing less on solutions and more on replacing one person with another.”

Gen. Tumwine cited Egypt and Libya that were eager for change but never sat down to plan beyond change of government.

“I’m proud of the NRM Revolution’s achievements that include peace and stability and freedom for all.”

He added: “Uganda is democratic. In fact, we are over democratic. But there have been mistakes made by individuals.”

Tumwine said there can never be movement without resistance.

He said all the presidential candidates in the 2016 race want to make Uganda better but insisted there will never be a perfect situation or 100% success.

Tumwine also said there has never been a succession queue in NRM.

“Back in the bush, who knew they would be alive?”

This is in reference to Besigye who once said Mbabazi accused him of trying to jump the queue to State House.

“We have never discussed a “queue” in the NRM. Whoever talked about the queue was merely positioning own interests,” Tumwine explained.

NRM can improve

Gen Tumwine said there is nobody who is beyond reproach and nobody is perfect.

“All of us are human beings. The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.”

He said people were spending a lot of time discussing individuals instead of the NRM revolution.

“NRM is a “river” that is not about to dry up. We have had individuals who’ve disagreed and left but more are joining.”

He said NRM is celebrating 30 years of nurturing Uganda from the time when she wasn’t unable to do certain things up to now.

“What is important is not the things we leave behind for our children but what we leave in them. Values.”

“The theme is about 30 years of care; how we have managed to look after Uganda in 30 years. They should even be 35 years.

Most of the time, for 5 years, in the bush, Tumwine said, the fighters constantly asked themselves about where they were and where they were headed.


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