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Gen Gadet denies secret deal with Kiir


Gen Gadet denies defecting to Kiir

South Sudan rebel General Peter Gadet Yak has dismissed as unfounded social media rumours that he entered a peace agreement with the government of President Salva Kiir.

Gen Gadet, the Chairman and Commander-in-Chief of South Sudan United Movement/Army Forces, says the information regarding “peace” that he reportedly signed in the Kenyan capital Nairobi is “propaganda” being spread by his foes.

“We would like you to know and understand that what you heard that Gen. Peter Gatdet Yak, signed a peace agreement with Juba, is unfounded,” Turial Moses Pow, Gadet’s publicist, said.

“There is no personal peace, we fully dismissed that misinformation regarding misinterpretation about defection in close door in Nairobi.”

He said Gadet only went to settle a family affair [bury his wife].

“They called it defection’, to whom? And from whom did we defect? We are different from SPLA -IO, or any other faction, the reason why we disagreed with Dr. Riek Machar was because of Arusha agreement that brought the Re-unification of SPLM group which did not bear fruits before it died, and that was not our objectives or reasons why we fought with Salva Kirr and his group.”

He said in the agreement done by IGAD plus or other International Communities, they need to find out the root cause of the fighting and reason why thirty thousand civilians were killed in Juba.

“We fought with the president Salva Kirr and his three armed groups like SPLA, Titwueng and Mathiangnyor, likewise we the Formers Defected IO Generals group had also two armed groups like IO forces and White-Armed forces.”

According to Pow, if Gadet wants to negotiate with any group regarding peace, he will need all the guarantees that would bring a final and peaceful agreement.

“Yes for a peace that could bring a conducive atmosphere if agreed to fulfil all objectives and guarantees to be accepted. We would like to inform any group or other international community’s and communities leaders that we agree with any group who will accept our guarantees and finally, we can sign any peace agreement.”

He said Gadet disagreed with Dr. Riek Machar over the Arusha Agreement because it did not fulfil their objectives because SPLM re-unification was not their objective for the root cause of the fighting.

“We agreed to have a federal system that would re-organise our forces including those who died in the war and those wounded ones for a period of three years. Therefore we would like to inform all the Nuer communities and other international community’s and friends that if we need to negotiate any peace with any group, we would enlightened our die-heart supporters before and after, to be the first to know that we didn’t sign any peace agreement with any group or government.”

He added: “We love peace not war but durability peace that we would like to sign any peace agreement with any group in the future.”

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