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Gatdet rejects treaty, exposes Machar’s greed


Gadet and Machar

Powerful defector General, Peter Gatdet Yaka, has denounced a peace treaty signed by both South Sudan leaders, Salva Kirr and Dr. Riek Machar Teny.

Machar signed the agreement a fortnight ago in Addis Ababa while Kiir signed his part yesterday in the capital Juba.

“It is not the peace South Sudanese wants, both leaders have failed the country,” Gen Gatdet who defected from Machar’s camp to form his own rebel movement announced today.

He said Dr. Riek in 2013, after being sacked as Vice President, landed the Nuer in trouble once more without alerting the Nuers about his discrete political activities.

“Dr. Riek and his companionship of some disgruntled SPLM Political Bureau members, engage themselves on reformation of SPLM’, and in an election campaign for the presidency two years before time by announcing his candidacy, and the result of his political athletic competition was the massacre of some 50,000 innocent ethnic Nuer and today abandoning them for sake of being the 1st vice president.”

The peace signed in Juba, according to Gatdet, was the reunification of the ruling SPLM party held in Tanzania and “we cannot call it peace”.

“Addis Ababa peace talks are about Dr. Riek Machar looking for positions’ it is not the peace people of South Sudan wants.’’

He continued: “I Gen Peter Gatdet cannot let my people go to Juba then to be massacred by the same Salva Kirr using armed Dinka groups in the eyes of International Community for the sake of Dr. Riek Machar position again as 1st Vice president.”

Gatdet said the deal is a mere lie and invention from undisciplined politicians and officers who are in dire need to doom the movement.

“We call to the four sections of the Nuer community to let Dr. Riek Machar and Taban Deng Gai go to Juba for their peace. All Nuer must remain united and seek a peaceful resolution to the current crisis.”

“We appeal to IGAD PLUS the peace signed by both leaders is not recognized.”


Gen Peter Gatdet Yaka says together with his comrades the want IGAD to: separate the two armies for three years, allow federalism where greater Upper Nile will have shares of 53% and compensate the deceased.

“The IGAD Lead peace talks proposed that the integration of the two armies should be completed after three years and the IGAD proposed that federalism should and must be applied within the transitional government of South Sudan and IGAD lead peace talks proposed that all deceased innocents’ civilians Nuer must be compensated.”


BBC describes Gen Peter Gadet as an ally of former South Sudan Vice-President, Riek Machar, in his conflict with President Salva Kiir.

Gen Gadet is the subject of European Union sanctions imposed in July 2014 against military leaders accused of obstructing the country’s peace process.

Until late 2013, Gen Gadet commanded the Sudan People’s Liberation Army’s (SPLA) 8th Division in northern Jonglei State.

He defected from it in early December took control of military installations in Bor.

Gen Gadet has a long and chequered history with the SPLA, the armed wing of the governing Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM).

He quit and re-joined the organisation several times before South Sudan seceded from Sudan, and has previously supported and been supported by Khartoum in fighting against the SPLA, particularly in Unity State, an oil-producing area which was a bastion for anti-SPLA militia during the two-decade north-south war.

Gen Gadet has been described as an able military commander and a fierce fighter, as well as a charismatic leader and talented mobiliser.

The last time he quit the SPLA, in March 2011, it was reported to have been over grievances about corruption and tribalism.

Before South Sudan’s independence, Gen Gadet was on the board of advisers of the Jarch Management Group, which has obtained oil concessions on large areas of land in South Sudan.

In April, the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (Unmiss) accused rebel forces of atrocities in the oil hub of Bentiu near the Sudanese border after taking it from government control.

In May 2014, the United States imposed sanctions on Gen Gadet for “the targeting of civilians and fomenting ethnic violence”, which the State Department said were “contributing to the mounting humanitarian and human rights catastrophe unfolding in South Sudan”.

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