Gashumba: Makerere degree doesn’t make you a superman


I rarely respond to Facebook posts and comments but a friend of mine called me today and we chatted like for 40 minutes on phone.

There is a growing tendency of students who went through Makerere University and those top 5 schools in Uganda to think they have to right or monopoly of ideas, actually they call themselves as the only “intellectuals”.

What they are forgetting is that the end justifies the means. I get mad when students from Makerere don’t consider other Degrees relevant to our Society.

Who do you think you are? Some Ugandans can’t afford school, having a degree from Makerere doesn’t make you a superman, lets respect each other because society doesn’t ask for qualifications of successful people.

Having a degree from Makerere gives you no right to abuse, insult, de-mean or degrade others, for your information or for public knowledge, Makerere Degree are sold in Super markets, actually you can even have a degree without stepping into a lecture room.

I know a person who has never sat in any lecture theatre in Makerere and he has a Masters’ Degree and I know a young man who did the papers for him.

It’s unbelievable to meet University Students and they are the opposite of what University students are supposed to be.

I have had a privilege of being invited to all Universities in Uganda mainly the ones in Kampala, the more you meet University students of today, the more you realize where this Country is going.

You meet a young man with a 2nd Class Upper from MUK but exclusively stupid and naive.

If education was the measurement of intelligence, Prof Lule would have been the President of Uganda up to today but he ruled Uganda for only 68 days, Godfrey Binayisa, a lawyer by Profession and a QC ruled Uganda for 90 Days,

Dr. Milton Obote who was a S.6 drop out ruled Uganda for 8 Years, Idi Amin Dada P.4B ruled for 9 years, Yoweri Museveni- Pass degree according to Andrew Mwenda has ruled Uganda for 29 years and still counting.

Entrepreneurs: Steve Jobs RIP net worth 7 billion, No degree, Richard Branson, net worth 4.7 billion No Degree, Oprah Winfrey net worth 2.7 Billion No Degree, Micheal Zuckerberg, Steven Spielberg, Henry Ford, Bill Gates neither one of them has ever graduated from University.

How about Malcom X who drop out of school and his remembered much for what he learnt in prison.

You are graduate and you travel in a Taxi with 14 passengers that you dont know where they came from, one eating groundnuts and another one eating boiled eggs and another grasshoppers. I pity you!!

Education is about inspiring one’s mind not filling their head.

Frank Gashumba, the author, is the founder of Sisimuka Uganda

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