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Garang son: Taban, Kiir tried to assassinate Machar


South Sudan founder John Garang’s son, Mabior Garang De Mabior, accuses the first vice president Taban Deng of conspiring with President Salva Kiir to overthrow the transitional government of national unity.

Mabior who is also the chairman of SPLM national committee for information and public relations, said in a statement that the lack of political will exhibited by the SPLM/SPLA (In Government), led to the collapse of the peace process and a return to armed conflict in the Republic of South Sudan.

SPLA shoots at Machar guards.

Mabior says the current conflict started when two cars from the guards of the FVP Dr. Riek Machar Teny took food to the soldiers guarding his office only to be stopped by SPLA military police while driving back to Jebel Site area.

The other car stopped and the soldiers came out of the car and informed the SPLA Military Intelligence that the car they are searching belongs to Machar together with this car and the soldiers are his guards.

The officer leading the SPLA Military Intelligence who stopped the car ordered his soldiers to “arrest all” and immediately the SPLA Military Intelligent responded by advancing to arrest and the SPLA IO started to pull back to their cars.

“All of a sudden the SPLA Military Intelligence fired at the SPLA IO soldiers.5.The shootout started there.”

Two SPLA IO soldiers were wounded while four SPLA Soldiers were killed 6.

At around 8:50pm, Kiir and Machar talked on the phone and agreed to appeal for calm ordering the Generals to stop fighting.

At around 9:00 pm near the USA Embassy Residence at the Airport Road, a USA Embassy Bullet proof car with 7 Diplomats inside was sprayed with 50 rounds of bullets by the SPLA Soldiers.

J1 shootout

The following day the situation was very tense in Juba, the events leading to the J1 presidential palace shootout, Mabior narrates.

The Regular Meeting of the Council of Ministers was cancelled and instead a separate meeting was held at J1 at the recommendation of the President’s security personnel.

As the President, the First Vice President and the Vice President were meeting inside J1, their guards engaged in a gunfight outside (on the street and within the compound); all Machar’s body guards outside were killed.

“It was only the close protection inside who survived, and managed to secure the FVP. The President, the First Vice President and the Vice President addressed the media immediately after the incident. They called a ceasefire and called on the civil population to be calm.”

Mabior said Kiir later changed his story and alleged Machar had a pistol and was trying to kill him and was trying to stage a coup.

“The President then formed an investigation committee to investigate what led to the gunfight outside J1. The team was headed by the (then) Minister of Interior -Gen. Alfred Lado Gore.”

The following day the ceasefire was violated and militias allied to the President attacked the cantonment areas of the SPLM/SPLA IO (with helicopter gunships and T-72 Tanks); the attack included the residence of the FVP, who was forced out of Juba by these events.

Kiir then issued a statement calling Machar back to the capital within 48 hours or be replaced.

“The SPLM/SPLA IO has since been fighting a war of self-defense as the Chief of General Staff of the IG has ordered his militias to hunt down and assassinate the legitimate FVP of the TGON,” Mabior explained.

He says the absence of the SPLM/SPLA IO from the TGONU means that the current government in Juba is “illegitimate”.
Kiir installs Taban Deng as VP

According to Mabior, the process which was held at the Crown Hotel in Juba, which endorsed General Taban to replace the legitimate FVP was not only illegal, but was a conspiracy by elements within the IO and the IG to dismantle the ARCISS.

He said the main conspirator in the SPLM/SPLA IO is Gen. Taban Deng Gai, who was dismissed from the Movement days before he was illegally appointed by President Salva Kiir to his new Government.

Deng was dismissed after he failed to uphold duties and obligations by abiding by the Constitution itself, Internal Rules as well as Code of conduct.

His dismissal came after he proved through the state owned (SSTV) showing that the current plot to topple the TGoNU was his idea as well as conspiring to assassinate Dr. Machar, so that the whole agreement is abrogated, Mabior alleges.

“And as such, he was dismissed from SPLM/SPLA IO on 22/07/2016 before he completed his plot to illegally take over the leadership of SPLM/SPLA IO.”

Mabior insists what Deng and his “anti-peace group” have done will remain null and void as long as it is inconsistent with the Peace Agreement.

Deng is further accused of conspiring to wage an armed opposition against the movement as well as assassinate its leadership and sabotaging the opposition.

Machar flees to Kenya

On Wednesday, Mabior issued another statement explaining that following the botched attempt to assassinate the “legitimate First Vice President”, Machar had successfully been relocated to Nairobi Kenya.

“The SPLM/SPLA (IO) would also like to take this opportunity to express our full commitment to the full implementation of the ARCISS and to the adoption of the UNSC Resolution 2304 as a necessary precondition for the return of the legitimate FVP to Juba and the return to the implementation of the ARCISS in letter and spirit.”

Mabior called on the region and international community not to recognize the coup against TGoNU.

“The leadership of the SPLM/SPLA IO further urge the region and international community to expedite interventional forces under the UN revised mandate such that Peace Agreement does not derail into a full scale of war in the country.”

He welcomed the intervention/protection force proposed by IGAD, AU and the UN; which is in line with the call of the FVP, who will only return to Juba to commence the true implementation of the peace agreement.

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