Free pads for all girls, vote me-Museveni


Museveni in Alebtong district

Uganda president Yoweri Museveni on Thursday asked the people of Alebtong and Otuke districts to vote him back into power in 2016 and see how their school going daughters get free sanitary pads.

Museveni explained that when girls go in their monthly periods and don’t have the sanitary pads, they opt out of school.

“When they [girls] get there [in periods], they run away from school, but we’re going to solve this,” Museveni promised.

He added: “Girls should not have to run away from school because they are ashamed. We will get them what to use.”

Museveni who is blessed with three daughters of his own [Natasha, Diana and Patience] says they all went to school and even to the university level.

“Now I want all our daughters to go to university and stay there,” he said.

Museveni also used the opportunity to warn head teachers who are demanding money from parents under the University Primary Education [UPE] programme.

“I am going to put an inspectorate at the centre. We find you, action will be taken.”

Museveni said in 1996, there were 2.5 million children in primary schools but now they are 8.5 million kids in schools.

“UPE was that the children study for free,” he said.

Museveni said his government will relieve parents the burden of buying textbooks to buying lunch and uniforms.

“We will invest more in scholastic materials; computers, textbooks, mathematical sets.”


Museveni said with prioritization, his government has been able to achieve results.

“We invested Shs800bn in electricity. That is how we have been able to do all of these things.”


He emphasised the importance of land in prioritisation.

“In a home when children want to buy a vehicle, build a house I tell them no, no. A house is good, but let us buy land.”

“I want to convince you about prioritization. Money we get from tax from the people is now being used to build schools like Akura primary school.”

It was at the same school [Akura] that Museveni held his rally.

“I am now happy and relaxed. It is not like 1986 when we had no money – we now have the money (to push development).”

Museveni said his government this year put Shs7bn in the women fund.

“Priorities were security, unity, electricity, infrastructural development. The remaining like seedlings will be done.”

He added: “We have disarmed the Karamojongs that were disturbing you. We have defeated Kony.”


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