Besigye: Fetching water on a bicycle will not lead us to middle income


That ridiculous bicycle drama won’t take us to middle income status, Besigye tells Museveni 

Politicians and social commentators are still divided on what exactly President Yoweri Museveni was up to when early in the week, he rode a bicycle supposedly fetching water to irrigate his farm in Luweero district. 

Opposition leader Kizza Besigye says what Uganda needs are modern ways of farming to take the country to a middle income status not jerrycans. 

On Museveni fetching water with a bicycle, Besigye said “it was drama, comical and ridiculous”. 

“Museveni is carrying jerrycans and in the same breath, he is saying by 2020 we are going to be a middle income country. Comical.”

Besigye who describes himself as a cool person said the country is run by a regime while the regime ran by one person. 

“Mr Museveni he has no policies, systems and institutions. We have a great country. We just have to remove the mismanagement and create the right institutions.”

Besigye noted that people were dying and many are going to die because of Hepatitis B “yet somebody being called “president” is carrying jerrycans”. 

He added: “It is ridiculous that after 30 years, President Museveni is going door-to-door to gauge progress in Luweero.” 

Besigye said hunger is killing people in Insingiro district yet there is opulence and redirection of resources that would feed the people. 

He said the amount of money wasted at State House is criminal. 

“Many rich countries don’t spend that much on management of a leader’s home.” 

Besigye said Kisozi farm, for example, was part of Kisozi ranchers, a 26sq miles land bought by the army, “now, it’s Museveni’s”.

He further cited soldiers who have been put in charge of operation wealth creation saying they have no skills on wealth creation.

Police siege 

Besigye also vowed to use all necessary means to make sure police leave his Kasangati home and that he would liberate his home as he intends to liberate the country.

“I am now dealing with having to liberate my home because I have no home but a prison. I am either imprisoned here or imprisoned in the police, whichever prison they feel like. Our entire country is held hostage by a few gangsters,” Besigye told press. 

He said the government takes the law in its own hands and tramples on human rights.

Since February 17, police has camped outside Besigye’s home, subjecting his visitors to thorough checks while blocking others. 

According to The Observer, such operations cost the force at least Shs 2 million per day to gather intelligence and Shs 87 million per month on fuel.

Besigye said although his struggle is a nonviolent one, there comes a time when one has to defend oneself. 

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