Feb. 21, 2016 the elections are over. How are you doing?

Men hold placards offering temporal employment services in Glenvista, south of Johannesburg, October 7, 2010. REUTERS/Siphiwe Sibeko (SOUTH AFRICA - Tags: BUSINESS EMPLOYMENT)

There is a label on that box that says “discard after use”.

What is next now that your candidate won or did not win?

Some of you were well paid during this election period to put down people, abuse your friends and family.  Some of you were even paid to praise people who did not deserve to be praised.  Some of you denigraded Mbabazi during the campaign and then some fools totally abused Dr. Besigye.  Oh my, he is a medical doctor and you need more his type in Uganda than jokers who barely passed UPE/USE.

Apart from being sold into slavery what have you done with that money that was given to you?

Some even tried to take me off social media but here I am.  I was on the internet when some of you were in pampers. Whatsap groups are only a maximum of 100 people in a group.  I left them all because my fight is global and hence Google and Facebook (FB is Google searchable).

I appealed to the youth to use the money they were being given to start small projects which could provide an income stream for their families.  Few listened, the majority mocked me.

I have written many articles on youth unemployment in Uganda and even proposed some business ideas for them to stop begging for hand outs.  Imagine with even the sh. 50k some were given monthly, they could have started a poultry or vegetable project.  Find the ideas at

What I have found out about Uganda elections is the fact that all the promises which were made during the campaign period are never fulfilled.  You should have remembered this from the last campaign period before this one.

All the public utilities, corporatioons, assets and transportation were sold off.  So some of you even believe that OIL is going to make Uganda rich.  Which oil?  That crude which is still in the ground?  Iran is going to teach the world about oil and you will soon see that Oil in Uganda is nothing at all.

Grow food.  Feed your families.  Sell the extra.  Start poultry, piggery, goat herding or buy a diary cow.  These things do not only feed the community but they will generate for you income so that you can use it to educate your kids in the good schools where the rich people’s kids go.  Father grew coffee and put us in Namugongo, Wanyange, Gayaza, Masaba College, Iganda, Mwiri College and Namagunga.  He used income from farming for our education.

Ugandans make a very big mistake to wait on the government to solve their problems.  Whether it is Museveni or Besigye, the country needs innovative people and you have slept for far too long now you need to awake from the slumber.

Martha Leah Nanaglama

Moncton, Canada

The writer lives in Canada and has worked with people in Uganda to start small business projects.  All my ideas are mine and mine alone and do not reflect on my employer or any organisation I am affiliated with.  My business consulting is free.

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