FDC’s Fungaroo: I’ve always liked Museveni’s views


President Yoweri Museveni has said Government is fully committed to pay the Veterans pensions in installments, having allocated a total of USh 70 billion this fiscal year.

He said the NRM Government inherited problems settling the pensions for veterans and that government had a total debt of Shs 1,500 billion.

He revealed however, that it has already paid Shs 171 billion and noted that the Central Government was expected to generate Shs 12 trillion this financial year.

“Through our policy of prioritization, we have managed to service the Veterans’ debt and render essentials services to the people.

The President was yesterday speaking at a rally at the Adjumani District Booma Grounds to promote the Operation Wealth Creation Campaign aimed at fighting poverty at the household level. The President’s four day working tour will see him making on spot visits to projects in West Nile and Northern Uganda regions.

The President urged the people of Adjumani to maintain peace and security, which is a prerequisite to development.

“Without peace you cannot do anything. The communication service is efficient and one can be linked to the diaspora from Adjumani, a situation that was not possible in the past,” he said.

President Museveni observed that the Government has provided development in the Northern region by ensuring that there is electricity supply and succeeded in securing funds for the construction of the Atiak- Moyo road.


President Museveni was pleased to note that the people of West Nile and Northern region have recorded progress by growing commercial fruits such as pineapples, mangoes, oranges and practicing fish farming.

He said in practicing commercial Agriculture, there are opportunities creating wealth. He observed that through the development of skills the people can work in various sectors such as being electricians, metal workmanship and carpentry.

President Museveni made donations of Sh 10 million to the Nurses’ SACCO, Sh 10 million for the women’s SACCO and Sh 10 million for the Boda Boda SACCO.

Earlier, President Museveni toured Nile Crocodile Park in Laropi, Adjumani District on the shores of River Nile. He was received at the farm by the proprietor, Mr. Waigo Michael Otika.

The proprietor revealed that the park rears Tilapia and Cat fish.

He revealed that plans were in the pipeline to rear crocodiles. He informed the President that he uses the water of River Nile by pumping it in the ponds.

The Nile Crocodile Park operates 18 fishponds and has the capacity to generate USh 630 million per annum.

The Second Deputy Prime Minister Gen. Moses Ali said that Adjumani is the NRM bridgehead of West Nile region.

He assured him that the people of the area fully support him.


The Adjumani District Member of Parliament Jessica Ababiku said that the people of the area have pledged their full support to President Museveni.

In other news, the Obongi County Member of Parliament Hon Kaps Hassan Fungaroo caused excitement in Moyo district when he openly hailed President Yoweri Museveni for what he described as ‘his good leadership and work that has greatly developed the country’.

“Although I belong to the opposition Forum for Democratic Change am impressed and is always supportive of the President’s views on national development as well as his Pan-African agenda.”

“It does not matter whether am from FDC but your views on Pan-Africanism are unquestionable and I have liked them since my secondary days at St. Mary’s college Kisubi and I am also fully supportive of your government programs because I never mix politics with development,” Fungaroo said.

Fungaroo was speaking at a rally addressed by the President in Obongi County, Moyo district.

During his address, President Museveni said that in order to fight poverty and unemployment in Uganda especially among the youth, there is a need to emphasize the teaching of production skills that can enable young people to be self employed, produce goods and services and participate in the money economy.


The President who is on a four-day wealth creation campaign in West Nile and Northern region was yesterday speaking at a public rally he addressed at Obongi town council in Moyo district. The President’s mobilization campaign aims at ensuring that each household has an income generation activity.

The President said after acquiring formal education, the youth should be trained and equipped with production skills that are in line with the labor market demands and be empowered with the ability to be job makers rather than job seekers.

“Young people need skills to be able to be employed or to employ themselves, you need to acquire practical skills such as computer skills, carpentry, pottery, metal works, motor mechanics, weaving and farming skills and engage in production and employ yourselves and get rid of unemployment and Poverty” he said.

The President urged the people of Obongi to differentiate between national development programs and the need to get rid of poverty at individual household level. He noted that government has endeavored to avail infrastructure development, Ugandans need utilize the developments in roads, electricity, education, health, ICT to raise income and better their living.

“The country will not realize meaningful development if people don’t exploit these development initiatives to improve their incomes. It is improved income at each individual household level that can quickly translate and lead to national growth and transformation,” he said.


He appealed to Ugandans to engage in modern agro production that is profit oriented and produce to guarantee food and income security noting that modern life demands go beyond food thus the need to produce for the market.

The President urged Ugandan to embrace and selfishly safeguard the prevailing peace and security in the country that was born out the contributions and sacrifices of all Ugandans and said that national peace and security was fundamental for the development of the country.

“Am happy that there is peace in the entire country which all of you contributed to, please safeguard it because with peace the rest of the work will be made easy,” he noted.


Mr. Museveni used the occasion to caution citizens about the deadly Hepatitis B the disease he said was sexually transmitted and could be avoided if people exercised sexual discipline and avoided promiscuity. He encouraged people to do medical tests get vaccinated against the virus.

He revealed that the government had allocated 5 billion shillings towards the fight against Hepatitis B in the 11 district of Uganda that have been hit hard by the disease including the West Nile district of Yumbe, Adjumani, Moyo and Arua.

Earlier the President commissioned the newly build Riyadh mosque of the Obongi Muslim community and pledged



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