FDC promises clean, corruption-free state


Opposition Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] in its manifesto promises to lead a “clean, efficient and corruption-free government”.

The “pro-people manifesto” which is being sold by the party flag bearer Rtd Col Dr Kizza Besigye has 9 key issues.

It advocates for a lean, clean and efficient government that is affordable and accountable to Ugandans.

“Through various cost cutting measures especially on the administrative costs and obsessive military expenditures.”

“We shall re-direct investments on our people to, fetch more revenue, do away with bogus and wasteful expenditure like purchasing of fighter jets while we are not ready for wars.”

The FDC led government, according to the manifesto, will fight for zero tolerance to corruption, especially institutionalized corruption and resources saved will be channelled to beneficial ventures like paying well our civil servants teachers and medical personnel’s inclusive.

The FDC led government will spur growth in agriculture and make it a lucrative business by restoring the cooperative bank which will lend farmers fund to plough and invest in agriculture and will repay the loan after harvesting in case of a bad harvest due to weather.

“We shall help our farmers since we shall put in place an insurance for farmers and the insurance will cater for the loss.”

“FDC assures its achievable, while drafting our party manifesto, we invited experts on governance, economy and social systems who guided and informed our party agenda.”

The manifesto says that promise is achievable according to many ways the FDC led government will put in place starting the financial year in 2016 budget statement.

“This is a power to the people program manifesto and we are excited Ugandans are owning these superb programs as they contribute money for fuel to help the people’s president move far and wide to spread such wonderful and powerful message to the voters.”

Yesterday while in Kaliiro in Kabula county deep in rural Lyantonde district, Besigye says he saw women very much excited about these programs they even handed in their NRM membership cards to him and FDC party president, Gen Mugisha Muntu.

“Our plans are about; liberation of our people, restructure the state institutions and fostering a broad based an all-inclusive development,” the manifesto says in parts.

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