FDC manifesto: Besigye lists reforms   


Besigye campaigning in Bukedea district yesterday

FDC presidential candidate, Kizza Besigye, says his mission is to work for a socially, economically, politically, morally and ethically transformed Uganda where all Ugandan citizens: men, women, youth and children live a life of dignity, have access to equal opportunity and become masters of their own destiny.

Besigye, in his message to Ugandans, says the FDC manifesto is built on three pillars: liberation; restructuring of state institutions; and transformation.

Economic growth must create opportunity and shared prosperity for all citizens, he insisted, adding, “Our economic plan focuses on investing in our people to ensure that the population is educated, healthy and wealthy”.

He said the institutions of state must respect their mandates, operate efficiently and be accountable to the citizens.

“Our plan focuses on rebuilding the institutions of state to ensure their autonomy, improve efficiency, while at the same time cutting down the cost of public administration.”

He urged citizens to reclaim their power to hold all leaders accountable.

“Our government will implement measures to ensure citizens understand their constitutional and civic rights and duties.”

“Citizens will know that government must work for them. Citizens must gain high levels of civic consciousness to defy unlawful actions and continuously resist the emergence of dictatorship and the usurping of their power.”

Addressing residents of Ogooma village in Nyero Sub-county, Kumi District on his campaign trail this week, Besigye said his government would investigate the killings that resulted from insecurity in Teso sub-region.

He visited a mass grave in which more than 300 people were buried after being killed during the insurgency that followed President Museveni’s captured of power in 1986.

National Resistance Army [NRA] waged a counter-insurgency war between 1987 and 1993 in Teso as Museveni sought to consolidate his power leading to mass massacres.

Besigye said he will institute a commission of inquiry and probe the killings.

Save for the killings, Besigye says Ugandans are confronted with predatory dictatorship that undermines the institutions of state, robs the opportunities of the young people and steals from the future generations.

“We are confronted with a receding democracy, two decades of jobless growth, an economy that is growing slower than its real potential and a citizenry that is increasingly being reduced to beggars,” he writes in the FDC manifesto.

He said the FDC is the only party that has the discipline, resilience and resolve to confront these challenges.

He observed that the FDC government would partner with religious institutions and other civic organizations to implement continuous civic education programmes to raise levels of civic consciousness and civic competence as “our defense against dictatorship and patronage”.

“We know that we have to overcome the smallness of the ideas of the incumbent leadership and accelerate the pace of development to benefit our people,” Besigye writes.

“We must move away from celebrating marginal achievements and pursue development programmes that are bold, time bound and measurable.”

He said on February 18, 2016, each one Ugandan will walk into that voting booth, well aware of these challenges facing the country, the current generation and the future generation.

“We will be making a choice between a future that looks like the present and a future that promises equal opportunity and shared prosperity for every Ugandan citizen.”

“Our vote will determine whether we remain in the present state of powerlessness or whether we will be part of those millions of Ugandans seeking to create a future where we have a government that listens to us, respects our dignity and honours those that offer public service.”

He said this vote will determine whether mothers get the health care they deserve, children get the quality education that enables them to compete, and young people to have an opportunity to get a job that enables them to live a dignified life.

“That future is in our hands. Now let’s go and create it!”

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