FDC leaders reject Bayiira state, join Museveni


The FDC leadership in Kasese district has rejected the idea of the demand and formation of the alleged Yiira republic and vowed never to be part of that mischievous scheme.

The rejection was made last evening by the LC V Chairman-elect Kasese district Sibendire Bigogo Geoffrey at a meeting between the FDC leadership of the district and President Yoweri Museveni at Mweya Safari Lodge in Kasese district.

This follows allegations that there is a scheme by the Bayiira of Uganda and those in the Democratic Republic of Congo to break away from their nations and form their own State called Bayiira.

Geoffrey Bigogo denied those allegations adding that they are ready to work together with the NRM government to bring about peace and development in Kasese district in particular and Uganda in general.

President Museveni blamed some of the so-called prophets who instead of positively guiding the youth, mislead them by using witchcraft to fight for the so-called Yiira Republic.

The President made it categorically clear that no such state will be included even an inch in Uganda and nobody will ever take any part of Uganda anywhere.

“The earlier it is clear to everybody the better,” he cautioned.

He warned of dangerous repercussions from the Congo side in-case they press ahead to demand for the Yiira state adding that it will also cause unnecessary friction between the two governments of Uganda and that of the DRC.

Museveni advised them to instead work positively to create unity among the people at home as well as those living across the borders who have similar linkages and advise them to rout-out the ADF’s and the Interhamwe’s for everlasting peace to prevail in the area.

“Why do you want to isolate our people who are scattered everywhere? You should work positively to bring our people who include the Bamba, Banyoro called Batuku in Congo, Alur and Lugbaras by creating unity,” he counseled.

President Museveni rubbished allegations propagated by some retrogressive forces that NRM is marginalizing the Bayiira in Uganda adding that it is the NRM government that has even increased the population of the people of Kasese district including the Bayiira who were only 190,000 in 1994 and are now 700,000.

The President attributed the increase of the population not only in Kasese district but throughout Uganda to the program of immunization that has done very well in the country.

“Socio-economic problems are now cropping up including in Kasese. Now some false prophets come in to take advantage of peoples’ problems they have not bothered to solve. They say the Bayiira are suffering, those in DRC are being killed and Mugurusi Museveni does not care for the ones in Uganda because he is part of the Hima-Tutsi Empire. But I am the one who has increased the Bayiira for the first time in 4 million years. The population of Kasese was 190,000 in the CA elections of 1994.The population now is 700,000.Who has increased the population? Museveni. The bayiira you are talking about are my Bayiira and they have increased because of my work,” he pointed out.

President Museveni earlier reminded the FDC leadership of the role of leaders at all levels of getting people out of poverty through adopting modern commercial farming especially in the rural areas.

He emphasized the issue of enterprise selection coupled with thorough calculation for better results.

Responding to some of their concerns President Museveni defended what some FDC leaders called unnecessary arrests adding that there is incriminating evidence against some of the culprits arrested and advised leaders not to cover up anybody involved be it on the governments side or the criminals for further investigations.

“I would appeal to you to hand in all those involved in these acts. Don’t cover up anybody. These people will not learn to respect life. They will do it knowing that they will get political support. Here we should demand for a strict accountability surrounding the recent killings in Rwenzori region because wanainchi are vulnerable they cannot defend themselves,” he noted.

Later the FDC leadership reiterated their stand of working together with NRM government for peace and development adding that they are tired of useless wars in the region. They also denounced some wrong elements who want to use the cultural institution to cause problems within the region and in the DRC.

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