Farm at Magamaga Mayuge district


The farm started as a family operation by my late father sometime in the mid 90’s.

At that time it was beneficial because we were cutting down a forest in the Magamaga area.

The land is 17 acres and is right on the tarmac road.  In terms of location, we host the police station at Magamaga where all accident vehicles on that road are stored.  It is exactly midway (20 Km) between Iganga and Jinja.

At that time, we had a beautiful banana plantation and a few cows which we were milking.  The total milk yield was around 15 liters per day.

Later we introduced clonal coffee and planted around 2 acres.

I took personal interest around 2007 when I planted 11,000 eucalyptus trees.  A few months later the villagers who had laid claim to the land removed them and continued their illegal possession until about 3 years ago.

I need to develop a business plan which shall form the basis of planning the production cycle.

My plans

  1. I have planted another 4 acres of banana plantation purposely to shelter a new coffee plantation within.  I want to have a serious high-production dairy unit for which I have already constructed a shelter.  I have planted elephant grass, lablab and some other legumes.
  2. I would like to install a solar water pump to maintain a high hygiene regime.
  3. I have recently fallen in love with passion fruits and would like to plant at least 6 acres of the same.
  4. I plan to plant at least 5 acres of maize every season so that the animals can be fed.
  5. I planned to have a piggery but resources suggest that I focus on one unit at ago.
  6. I believe that I can make a monthly income of Ugx 4 million, an amount that can maintain the works and can increase to such a level as to enable us to acquire additional land in the villages.


  1. Cow feed;
  2. There is a lot of rice planted in the area so we can benefit from the rice stems which we can bale to sell and use to feed the cows
  3. Sugar cane heads; these cut upon harvest and can be silaged into cow feed
  4. Molasses; the area boasts of high production of local potent gins (kasese) and as such has plenty of molasses which can be used for building and for supplementing animal feed
  5. A river; the river flows along the side of the farm on the perimeter.  The supply is continuous.
  6. Security; the land borders a police station so in the event that we install high value items, we can secure them at the police station or have guards nearby.
  7. Tractor; we acquired a walking tractor which has a trailer and water pump.  Consequently, we can do many things in as far as mobility and irrigation are concerned.
  8. Market; we are on the main road so selling matooke and passion fruits can be relatively easy if we brand ourselves as producers of good quality items.
  9. We have land for expansion across the road approx 6 acres
  10. The clonal coffee plantation is still in production but untended
  11. We have about 800 eucalyptus trees


I don’t have a plan

The land is not titled yet; the process begun 2 years ago and has not been completed.

My need

I need an action plan which will not break my back in terms of investment but one which can bring in money quickly to enable growth of the farm as an economic venture.

I am able to invest approx 10 million every 6 months

My Vision

To be a leading producer of agricultural products suitable for production in that area by 2018

I would like to become a full time farmer using that area as my spring board.

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