Ethiopian Airlines landing in Kigali to offload pallets of ballots is total rubish


It is not everyday that I come to the defense of #Museveni.  Well, Bududa Hospital is a Death Trap so #MuseveniMustGo!  Let me rubbish your story of Ethiopian Airlines dropping off ballots in Rwanda.

The media houses in Uganda must stop telling blatant lies.  As much as we dislike Museveni, on this particular one you are peddling lies.

Ethiopian Airlines does not route through Kigali to get to Entebbe.  The only airline on record that does that is Turkish Airlines.

If Ethiopian Airlines was chartered to fly the ballots to Entebbe, then that becomes a cargo charter.  A charter is point to point.  So if it was flying from London UK as some have claimed on social media, it would fly from London to Entebbe straight with no need to refuel and most especially not in Kigali.  Even an A380 airbus loads enough aviation fuel for that trip.  You can even use an Antanov and it will still have enough fuel.

Some people have claimed that it was flying from Johannesburg.  This is also another silly joke.  The flight from Johannesburg to Entebbe does not need refueling unless you use a helicopter and good luck with that one.  From Johannesburg you would face a stop in Nairobi and then Entebbe.  No stop in Kigali.

What makes Ugandans think that they can go around telling blatant lies like these?  In any case, if we really wanted to fudge those ballots, we only need a high end printer and we can even do this in Bududa.  Stop accusing Museveni of obvious things he has not done and on this one, you are all going awol.  Think!  Try expedia dot com or travelocity dot com.  I have flown on too many planes to even remember and one of them being London to Uganda and the other one being Johannesburg to Uganda.

What infuriates me about such a blatant lie is I caught someone saying they were in Uganda for elections in the primaries and the next day they were in Toronto Canada.  Shaa… Do you have any idea how many times I have flown from Entebbe to Toronto?

One other thing.  Major airports cost about $15,000 to land on their tamac and about $5,000 per hour you stay on the tamac.  A high end printer costs $250.  Does Museveni look that stupid to you?  So he would spend $35,000 to make a stop in Kigali instead of buying a printer and installing it in State house for $250?

Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada

The writer is an IT analyst for an oil company and has experience in Air and Ocean freight routing.  All my opinions are mine and mine alone.  They do not reflect on my employer or any organisation I am affiliated with.


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