Elections are history. Build the nation


The day passed and Museveni is now the president for the next 5 years.

It is time for every Ugandan to think of how they can contribute to the country.

Gone are the days of TGE (tusaba gavamenti etuyambe).  There are far too millions of you so how can you expect the government to help you without helping yourselves?

I address myself particularly to the 10 million or more unemployed youth of Uganda.

There are many things you can do to help yourselves.

  1. Start a soap making business. All you need is a room, training by cottage industries based in Uganda and you will make sh. 20,000 daily.  The training will cost you and the starting materials and equipment.  I costed it out to sh. 120,000 but you start earning the next day.
  2. Start poultry. You will need land.  I costed this one out to start at sh. 50,000 all the way to sh. 1 million.  Some of you pay millions to get jobs in the Middle East only to cry for help.
  3. Start piggery but I suggest the above first as they will not take 6 months before you start seeing results. Some of the people I have worked with in Uganda have poultry with pigs and some with goats.
  4. Consider vegetables and fruits. If you cannot grow them, buy in bulk and break the sack of them down and sell in small quantities for households.  If you have access to land, grow vegetables to feed your family and sell the surplus.  Sukuma and palaka (spinach) do not take a long time to grow as long as you tend to them.
  5. Plant moringa trees. They are a food that is great for nutrition and health.  Our team was giving out moringa seeds for a while for free.  I ended that project (ran out of money).
  6. Rear rabbits. They are a great source of protein and they taste just like chicken.  Rabbits also multiply very fast.  You will feed your family and then sell the surplus.

Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada

The writer has helped people in Uganda start farming projects and also grows food for her family in Canada.  I have also ran poultry, rabbits and raised sheep here.  Find ways to feed your families.  My business consulting is free to Uganda.  All you have to do is ask.  The picture shows some of our family’s broilers.

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