EC will please its boss in 2016, says Besigye



Kizza Besigye says opposition is going into 2016 general elections knowing that the country has never had free and fair elections or peaceful change of government.

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) presidential flag bearer was yesterday addressing the party’s top organ National Executive Committee (NEC).

“You remember as your flag bearer in 2006, you nominated me while in jail. My supporters were killed in front of me at Bulange. During my campaign I visited one of the victims of Bulange who is confined in a wheel chair in Kamwenge,” Besigye recalled the ugly past.

He cited Capt Ndahura who allegedly killed FDC supporters in 2001 in Rukungiri, but has now been appointed by Kale Kayihura as head of Crime Intelligence.

He said during campaigns all senior officers in the army go to their home areas to “intimidate the masses”.

In 2011, Besigye continued, there was a particularly use of state resources saying Shs 2tn was used to buy elections hence leading to the post-election inflation of 30%.

“As you may be aware, villages have been given 250,000- 500,000/=. The other day Mr. Museveni donated Shs 1.5bn to churches in Mbarara. We have an environment which is tilted against us.”

He said currently, the management of elections is in “the hands of candidate Museveni and EC will do whatever is possible to please their boss”.

Besigye pointed out that going to this process the way it is under this system is simply legitimizing Mr. Museveni even before the election.

“In every village we have Crime Preventers. The other day in Buyende we saw a Crime Preventer killing people. We have seen Kakooza Mutale parading militias and saying he will deal with whoever will go in the way of Mr. Museveni.”

TDA and electoral reforms

Besigye says unless they put their foot down as The Democratic Alliance, it will be a ritual that reforms are debated when elections are on the doors and they claim that there is no time to put in place reforms.

“My sense is that TDA and our party can still do something and we get these reforms. When the reforms were rejected TDA issued a press release where it said; ‘Its now evident that government under Mr. Museveni will not honour the will of Ugandans. We however want to assure the people of Uganda that they should not lose hope because electoral reforms are a must and they will happen at the right time and time of our choosing as citizens……..”

Besigye advised executive to continue with preparations for the next elections but also be able to point out to the citizens that they have a constitutional duty to work for a free and fair election.

“Time is always on our side. Government should enter dialogue concerning these reforms. We would rather delay elections and have reforms. Our demand must recognize the complete lack of interest in the matter on the side of government.”

Besigye concluded by assuring the meeting that with good organisation, they can rally citizens and get the desire reforms.

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