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Dr Nyanzi talks on nudes, attacks Mamdani wife Mira Nair


Nyanzi outside her locked office

Dr Stella Nyanzi has explained why she decided to undress herself in public.

Using her official Twitter handle @drstellanyanzi, Nyanzi a “queer laughist, writer and critique from the non-core academia”, says Makerere University has not dismissed her wondering why the institute of social research had prevented her from accessing her office.

“If a PhD-educated woman like me is evicted from her university office like a common thief, what plight are poor women facing?”

The don says she needs her office to process research data.

She accuses MISR founder Prof Mahmood Mamdani of reportedly killing the institute.

“If a Research Fellow doing research is evicted for not teaching, what’s MISR’s mission and aim?”

Nyanzi says Mamdani’s scholarship is not her concern but his alleged violent management that evicts a Researcher from an office which she called “criminal”.

“After 2 days of being locked out of my office, I wonder what KB [opposition leader Kizza Besigye] felt during weeks locked away from the world. Oppressors oppress absolutely!”

She had earlier on called upon God to help her so she doesn’t find Mamdani’s padlock barring her from office a third day since Friday.

“Mamdani locked me out of my office for the third day. I have also locked him out of his building. Checkmate,” she said while chaining herself to the gate.


“Although I am in chains at MISR, and I am illegally evicted at MISR, I refuse to play the victim.”

Nyanzi explained that she undressed herself because nobody can stand up to long oppression of Research Staff at MISR.

“I am breaking the chains myself. I am going to undress myself outside Mamdani’s office as a symbol of undressing the rot at MISR,” she said before posting her naked pictures on Facebook.

This is her attack on Mamdani’s wife Mira Nair:

A woman’s crevices, orifices and waters, when served to a lover, make the lover go gaga! A man, no matter how powerful, when he eats an individual woman’s pussy-cat, his brain starts to go miaw-miaw-miaw whenever he thinks of her. The ssengas in Buganda teach their nieces to ask lovers for expensive investments after serving the man with the sweetest serving of the pussy-cat.

Some young women are known to serve their bosses with a ravishing meal of the best of their fresh tight warm pussy-cat and the boss starts to cry miaw-miaw-miaw. The bosses go mad and give them promotions, salary increments, loads of gratuity, even jewellery, cars and land titles. I have never served any of my bosses my pussy-cat because the servings from my big brains are enough to sustain me and my dependents.

Now, the fact that I have never given my current boss a bite of my succulent, big, fat, juicy, sizzling-hot pussy-cat, is killing my access to my office space at Makerere University. I swear to God, this must be a probable reason for evicting me from my office. I mean, this man, Mahmood Mamdani gave his wife full access to a block of three offices and a toilet for eons upon eons of his duration as Director of Makerere Institute of Social Research. She used this block of public offices at Makerere University for her private film business called Maisha.

What qualifies Mahmood Mamdani’s wife to bring her Maisha Film Business into the public spaces of Makerere Institute of Social Research? What? Mira Nair, her beauty, talent and positive attributes notwithstanding, is NOT and has never been an employee of Makerere University. Why did Mahmood Mamdani give his wife Mira three office units and a toilet, if it were not because his brain was going miaw-miaw-miaw?

Was there a written agreement for this rental deal or was it only pussy-cat power making Mamdani violate MISR? If there was a written rental agreement, was it taken to the PPDU committee of Makerere University that decides about space? Was there an advertisement put in the papers for applicants for the space? Did the DVC – FA approve this nepotism? Was the contract signed between Mahmood Mamdani and Mira Nair? Huh! Did he sign it before, during or after the eating of the pussy-cat in question? How much money did Maisha pay to MISR for rent? Who received that money? What was that money used for? If the money was not used, where is it?

At what point in time, did Makerere Institute of Social Research become an extension of Mahmood and Mira’s marital bed? Hmm! Mamdani can shamelessly afford to give three office units and one toilet to his wife who is not a public servant, but is throwing me out of my office! This pussy-cat eating nepotism is not acceptable in our public institutions of higher education. MISR is part of a public university. Mahmood Mamdani must be named and shamed for being a man who personalises government institutions. Mahmood Mamdani’s high handedness is responsible for the #RotAtMISR!

If I serve Mahmood Mamdani with my big fat juicy pussy-cat, will he give me a block at MISR with three offices and a toilet? Will he rethink my eviction. Does he like his sex hot or cold? Does he like his sex rough or tender? Does he like his sex slow or fast. When the worst comes to the worst, I will dare undress and serve myself up to Mahmood Mamdani in order to retain my office.

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