Dr Nyanzi: Shame on you Kiggundu & your thieving gang


Dr Stella Nyanzi

In my sitting room, the suspense is killing us. Our tired eyes are glued onto the television screen especially when the Electoral Commission is reading updates to the tallies of votes supposedly coming from the district tallying centres.

We all have one or two or three phones, which we are tirelessly scrolling for updates on the situation in areas all over Uganda. We all have pens and a book where we are recording, adding, cross checking the numbers read to us.

The shock and disappointment on my younger sisters’ faces is killing me. Some are holding their heavy heads in their youthful hands. Some rise up and pace up and down the sitting room, as they silently shake their heads from side to side.

Two of them have been praying loudly in tongues after leading all of us in intercession prayers for Uganda. We prayed for Dr. Kizza Besigye and all his supporters. We bound the spirits of blood-shed and violence, cast them out of Uganda and sent them to the plain hills without any life.

We are waiting, waiting, waiting for the announcement of Kizza Besigye as the next president of Uganda.

The current ratio of 34.94% to 61.05% can only discourage feeble-kneed faint-hearted weak-brained custard-spined people. To resist a despotic regime such as this one, one has to be steadfast and immovable.

One has to have a tough heart, sober mind, ice-cold resolve and swaggerific stamina to live through the next few hours. We are waiting for our victory.



The stinking shitty tricks of this dying horse are so grotesque that I find bitter laughter the only response. I list my grievances against the incumbent regime for wronging the Ugandan citizenry during the 2016 elections.

1) Boxes of pre-ticked ballot papers in favour of Museveni were intercepted en route to diverse polling stations.

2) Opposition voters found that unknown people had already voted in their names.

3) Extremely late delivery (of up to eight hours or more) of voting materials to polling stations in Kampala and Wakiso districts.

4) Thirty-six polling stations did not conduct any elections yesterday because of Electoral Commission’s inefficiencies.

5) Overly heavy deployment of armed soldiers and pseudo-military to intimidate voters.

6) Shooting tear-gas and bullets at agitated voters who were disefranchised.

7) Padding the voters’ register with ghost voters, leading to excessive tallies at polling stations with computed totals over-shooting registered number of voters.

8) Blackholing social media such that Uganda-based individuals were unable to access Facebook, Twitter, Watsapp, or mobile money services.

9) Illegally banning the use of phones at polling stations.

10) Silly arrests of Kizza Besigye just before and after the elections!

All these facts, notwithstanding, I am gearing up for our victory party as we say farewell to Yoweri Museveni’s presidency! Besigye oyeeeee!

Arresting Besigye

Arresting Dr. Kizza Besigye has become the main chorus in these God-forsaken elections. The refrain is now losing the fear factor. Museveni and Kayihura, grow up you cry babies! Give us some fire, guys!!

Police brutes in anti-riot garb invaded the FDC headquarters, held a sham meeting, shot tear gas and bullets, stopped plans to announce counter tallies different to the EC’s botched results, and arrested both Kizza Besigye and Mugisha Muntu.

The incumbent regime is running crazy and scared. They are tetemekaring bad! Viva viva! Besigye oyeeeeee!

Thieving electoral commission

The dirty thieving hand of the Electoral Commission in the on-going tallying, doctoring, falsifying, fabrication and misrepresenting of the votes of Ugandans is heart-rending. Badiru and all your thieving gangsters, you are among the three worst shames in Uganda this century. Thoughts of your bondage and servitude to Museveni make me vomit.

But nothing that you do or don’t do will shake our resolve to send the thirty-year-old despot out of our state house. Nothing that you read or don’t read will udercut the bubbling hope of ushering Dr. Kizza Besigye into our executive. Nothing that you declare or don’t declare will change the victory of the oppressed masses over their oppressors.

In preparation for our victory over Museveni in these elections, two of my children spent the morning making Besigye’s symbolic key leading him into state-house. Alone, they cut up cardboard into the fine shape of a key. They ransacked the store for blue paint to colour the key in FDC colours. And then they rehearsed Besigye’s victorious entry into state house by trying out the key in our door. I was delighted that even children know the winner.   Besigye oyeeeeee!

All the opinions are by Dr Stella Nyanzi, a medical anthropologist with a PhD from the University of London.

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