Dr Nyanzi: I’ll burn my clitoris if Museveni wins

Stella Nyanzi

Stella Nyanzi

Stella Nyanzi, a medical anthropologist at Makerere Institute of Social Research [MISR] has promised to burn her clitoris if President Yoweri Museveni wins the 2016 elections.

“If Museveni wins the presidential elections in February 2016, I will slowly remove my panties, sit by my burning charcoal-stove, roast my clitoris crunchy black, and use the burnt piece as a crayon to colour the Ugandan flag all black,” Nyanzi wrote on her social media, Facebook page.

“In case the head of the electoral commission announces that Museveni is going to lead Uganda for five more years, I will get my hoe, carefully dig out my nipples from each breast, pound them into a red bloody paint to highlight the constitutional articles that raped presidential term limits out of our land.”

Nyanzi said if the ballot swings in Museveni’s favour, she will gently cut up her skull, yank her brains out of her head, put them in a white papyrus kikapu [bag], take them to the House of Parliament, and nail them to the high ceiling of that powerful shrine.

“If Museveni wins this presidential election, I swear to God, I will pull out my fallopian tubes, ovaries and uterus, make them into a beautiful necklace and sell them wrapped in the national flag to the lowest bidder on e-bay.”

“Where is the pride and honour in being a Ugandan citizen ruled for over thirty years by the same man?” she wondered.

Nyanzi who once said she wanted to have sex with Museveni, says she uses sexual innuendos to bring out her political views.

Her writing is to be taken for its satirical perspective.

“So, I am a writer. I love to work with words. Words are powerful tools. They persuade. They move people. Words can heal, just as much as they can kill. Words can change one’s fate. And so, I am lucky to be blessed with a tool that is very light and yet extremely powerful,” she says.

Nyanzi says she never takes her penmanship lightly.

“When writing, I am sometimes moved to tears because of the beautiful effect of a group of choice words skilfully stringed together. Some other times, I am so frustrated with myself for failing to write aright.”

Nyanzi is also a sworn radical feminist.

“I know it kills some dwanzies to think that one so womanly and voluptuous devotes her energies and thoughts to the effective militancy of feminist combat.”

She a queer feminist scholar.

She also swears to abstain from sex and avoid masturbation until Museveni leaves power—that is—incase he wins.

About Nyanzi

Stella Nyanzi is a medical anthropologist with a PhD from the University of London based on ethnographic fieldwork of youth sexualities, sexual and reproductive health in The Gambia.

She has fifteen years of social science research experience in rural southwestern and urban central Uganda in the broad areas of heterosexual behaviour in the time of HIV/AIDS, adolescent sexual behaviour, female control of sexuality, transforming masculinities during the AIDS epidemic, the gender differentiation of reproductive health, alternative healing – specifically Balokole Pentecostal healing of HIV/AIDS and transforming perfomances of death, disposal and widowhood.

Her current research at MISR comprises ethnographic inquiry into the politicisation of homosexualities in contemporary Uganda – with a focus particularly on unpacking mainstream religious framing of and contestations about sexual citizenship.

Dr. Nyanzi is also conducting research about the vulnerability and resilience of young (refugee and internally displaced) women in Uganda towards HIV/AIDS.


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