Don speaks on Amama ghost haunting NRM


Don Wanyama

Don Wanyama, President Yoweri Museveni’s Special Media Assistant, has finally spoken on Amama Mbabazi, a presidential hopeful threatening the ruling party boss.

Appearing on NBS TV Morning Breeze on Monday, Don, the former Daily Monitor Managing Editor, said the ruling party, NRM was not threatened by Mbabazi.

“The NRM party has never been haunted by Amama’s ghost,” Don stated.

He said even though Amama is out of the NRM party, he still sends out messages to his supporters in the NRM party.

Don removed all doubt held by those who claim that the exit of the former NRM Secretary General was giving party officials sleepless nights.

Government and deputy NRM spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo, has always maintained that Amama is no threat and will pose no danger to them in the future either.

However, when Amama pulled huge crowds in Mbale during his consultative meetings, government responded in a panicky way.

Police was quickly deployed to prevent him from addressing supporters at cricket grounds in Mbale town but determined residents crushed police barricades and carried Mbabazi through.

Mbabazi equally pulled another crowd in Kapchorwa prompting police to curtail his next meeting in Soroti where they occupied the independence square and re-directed him to Soroti sports grounds.

Caught off-guard, the Electoral Commission hastily made an announcement curtailing Mbabazi from addressing gatherings in open spaces.

Appearing on NBS TV alongside Don, senior journalist, Timothy Kalyegira, quoted the American ambassador who hinted at the political field in Uganda not being level.

“Many view Amama as the strongest opponent, not because he is popular, but because he knows how the NRM party works,” Kalyegira pointed.‪

Kalyegira said there is a large number of people who have seen nothing except for President Museveni and now want change.‪

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