DJ Nimrod: Bebe Cool begs Shs10k from Amnesia


Bebe Cool


Thursday has not started well for Gagamel big boss, Bebe Cool.

The signer seems to be under attack from all corners following his alleged slander labelled on club Amnesia that has been his “second home”, according to music pundits.

This is what DJ Neem Nimrod says of Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool, you going to Laftas and telling people that Amnesia wasn’t paying you was inadequate. Now I agree with Ziza Bafana Dyebbie who said u create wars with almost everyone.

Amnesia has been your home for 2 years, you have unpaid receipts there, you drink free there, you eat free food there, and on top of that were being paid fully.

Even when you were broke you would send someone there for advance for another working week, you even borrowed Shs 10k from the manager and he wants it.

So mwami Bebe Cool am giving you by the end of this week to apologize to Amnesia management and fans for your false accusations.

We actually almost gave you a uniform because you had become an employee.

This is another attack from a one Jimsal Epic

Bebe Cool please try to be professional brother, if not, get PR or first prepare yourself before doing an interview.

I think among the guys or artists we have in Uganda, I have been respecting Bebe Cool but you ashamed me yesterday.

Guys to be realistic, Bebe Cool was chased from Amnesia because this club was making loses on every day that Bebe performs.

Bebe Cool would ask the money before the show, he used to cry for Innocent (Nahabwe the proprietor) to give him money that he had problems.

His expenditure in Amnesia was more than he earn from that place.

Bebe cool used to take drinks of Shs 1 million. And eatables. Now he was saying that they were not paying him.

Note: We are yet to hear from Bebe Cool.

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