Did president Museveni resign?


Museveni resigned yesterday from being the president of Uganda when he left his seat empty throughout the presidential debate. He could have sent his vice president to grace the occasion, even that didn’t happen.

When the Uganda national anthem was played, there was an expectation to play and sing the second verse. In fact, at the end of the first verse, there was confusion of what was supposed to follow.

Below are words of the anthem:
Oh Uganda! May God uphold thee,
We lay our future in thy hand.
United, free,
For liberty Together we’ll always stand.

The significance of the first verse is to acknowledge that God is the supreme authority in every realm of governance. Mr. Museveni acknowledged this spiritual fact recently when he said:

“A president is next to God. You don’t tell lies when you are a president or aspiring to be one. You cannot have a president or somebody aspiring to be a president telling lies. That is a disaster for the country. You would rather say I don’t want to comment, but to tell lies when you want to be a president?”

Going back to the national anthem, the significance of the first verse being the acknowledgment of God, the second verse is normally sung to acknowledge the authority from God handed down to the president. Unfortunately, during a presidential debate occasion, there was no representation of a president; so they could not sing the second verse.

That meant that the authority at that was still in the words of the first verse What about the third verse? The third verse is normally sung to worship God the supreme authority.  In fact, all the three verses were sung at the end of the debate.

What is also true, if the president had graced the occasion, the formality would not require the singing of the third verse. In light of the above therefore, as of yesterday Jan 15 2016, Mr. Museveni resigned, he disowned his right to be the president of Uganda, at least in the spiritual context.

May God uphold our country as we look for the next president of the republic of Uganda, until we find a president who has not disowned the authority to be the president of Uganda.

Milton Allimadi, the author, is a Ugandan Journalist based in New York City, USA.

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