Debate: Why 8 candidates want presidency


In their opening statements, the eight candidates in the Uganda presidential race told the voters on the second live TV debate Saturday why they think they are best suited to lead Uganda.

Here is what they said:

MAUREEN KYALYA: This was planned by God. I believe I have skills and what it takes. Problems in country are welfare related not military related.

KIZZA BESIGYE: In Feb1981 I was incarcerated in this building (Serena hotel). In 1980 I supported Museveni. We fought a war because of rigged elections. But we disagreed later. I’m here because off mismanagement of our politics. I am here to help in any way to set that foundations for our country. Museveni spoke about the problems of Africa is leaders who don’t want to leave.

GENERAL BIRARO: Thank you Mr. President for coming. When I joined army as a young man with the message of winning hearts and minds. After some time I saw another seed coming in that brought in corruption, refusal to leave office, I saw tear gas. We bring in a government that will end endemic poverty. I will bring a round table government with good political representation.

VENANSIUS BARYAMUREEBA: I am a teacher with experience to lead this county. Outside Kampala you find Schools without teachers. My government will produce employable graduates. I will increase the budget for health sector to 16%. I will export our services abroad thru Businesses process outsourcing.

AMAMA MBABAZI: Peace is the presence of justice, rule of order, justice. What security does83% of youth who unemployed have? Uganda is not at war but we are not secure. I want to tell you that I’ve been in security for many years in this country. So you will be secure.

ABED BWANIKA: 30 years ago I went to Kabale to get into high school. I saw a group of men pull a young lady to rape her. With the help of1 man we rescued her. That’s why I am in politics. I cannot continue to watch while our country goes down the drain. I believe I can help this country to move forward our economy.

YOWERI KAGUTA MUSEVENI: I am here to talk about Uganda not fiction. Uganda in 1900 was feudal. In 1962 Uganda was an enclave economy _ 3 Cs & 3 Ts. In 1986 it was nonexistent. Democracy means that people choose you. If they don’t want you then you don’t win.

[The debate was held at Serena hotel in Kampala]. 

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