Debate: Candidates best & worst decisions in life


The eight presidential candidates vying for Uganda’s presidency were on Saturday asked to state their most important and worst decisions made in public life.

QUESTION TO ALL: What is the single most important and single most regrettable decision you have made in your public life?

BWANIKA: [Important] When I gave up my job at the university to join the people I lead today

[He fails to think of his most regrettable decision]

MBABAZI: [Important] My decision to fight for justice, democracy and economic welfare for our people.

[Regrettable] There are many …the worst was not to live up to my known practice of resisting dictatorship whevener it showed its face.

BARYAMUREEBA: [Important] After getting my PhD, I was offered several jobs but I decided to come back and work in Uganda.

[Regrettable] After coming back, I had the capacity to employ people but instead I got employed. Today, I would be employing so many people.

BIRAARO: [Important] It was in 1986, in Kitgum, when I was [in an office of authority], and a group came to bribe me with ivory but I refused and went on to report the case.

[Regrettable] I regret ignoring my health during my campaign time as I have been diagnosed with some ulcers, which was very stupid on my part.

BESIGYE: [Important] Was to abnadon my job in Nairobi and head to the tall grass in Luwero.

[Regrettable] Continuing to challenge the dictatorship and attracting dire consequences to members of my family who were never a part of my decision.

MABIRIZI: [Important] When I lost my father, I decided to go and work, look for money and pay my school fees.

[Regrettable] When I decided to carry out a mock election, people turned out very many that up to now I haven’t released the results.

KYALYA: [Important] It was in July 2012 when I decided to got to President Museveni to take on the initiative to work in Busoga region.

[Regrettable]Being self-centered. In Jinja when I let the MP who had rigged the elections to continue leading the people there.

MUSEVENI: [Important] It was in 1966 when I decided to put all my university choices to University of Dar es Salaam and in so doing, I ended up lining up with great people like Julius Nyerere.

[Regrettable] When I delayed to shoot at Idi Amin soldiers and they ended up killing two of our soldiers. That was on January 2, 1973.

Credit: New Vision 

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