Customer service is a hard job to end up with


Customer service goes both ways.

Exactly what makes you think that you should be rude to the waiter or waitress when you go to a restaurant?  You went out because your wife left you, you cannot cook or you are too lazy to cook for yourself.  Respect the person who serves you.

You yell at the conductor of the matatu or the driver!  You should have taken your pajero that day.

You are rude to the man at the gate when you go for a meeting or job interview?  He is a gate keeper.  Read my article on gate keepers.

You disrespect air hostesses or teachers or secretaries or receptionists.  Refer to the point above.


You are rude to your potential clients or customers.  Did you know that every customer you lose, you lose a minimum of 6 future ones.  We just tell our family and friends how rude you were to us.

You respect people in suits more than the ones who dress in regular clothes.  I had an experience with this three times in Uganda.  I went to a bank to meet someone and I was shut off rudely because I was not wearing a suit and had no business in that bank.

One time while shopping in Nakivubo, the first stall I stopped at to buy passion fruits, she was a good negotiator.  I told her I would walk around and return.  Who wants to buy things from the end of the market and carry them and I had every intention to buy the basket on my way out.  She yelled “gwe malaya, tolina ssente”.

In one town one day, I went to the mayor’s office to see him as I had a package from Toronto for him.  His receptionist, secretary and security detail stopped me short and did not let me see him.  I proceeded to his wife’s office and she made me wait for 45 minutes.  I then knocked on her door and said I had a message.  Reply “tolaba nti ndi bizi?”.  I had seen people walk in and out of her office plus the secretary yali anzimula.

That night, her husband came looking for me and I had conveniently gone to the village.  He knew what I was bringing for him from Canada.  So if you are going to judge a person by their clothes, you make a very big mistake.

Fast forward, Uchumi closed all their operations in Uganda because of 3 reasons.  1) Poor management. 2) Poor customer service. 3) Customers who abused what had been provided in Uganda.

Before you go off your high horse just because you have money.  THINK.  Before you as a customer service provider gives bad customer service, remember, you will lose your job.

Always make an effort to know the people who serve you.  That woman might be edgy because her kid is sick and she could not get a day off.  In Shediac, Canada, pretty well in every store I walk into, everyone knows my name and I know their names.  Make an effort to know the ones who serve you.  One time last year, Becky had to fundraise for her high school graduation trip.  We went into stores in our community.  The managers, gave things for her to sell or money.  Simply because they know the family and know that community is where you live.  Now you people in Uganda are mean to each other and yet those are the people who can put poison in your food.  #WakeUpUganda

Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada

The writer is an IT analyst for an oil company and has worked in the hospitality industry in the past.

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