Current generation going down in flames


Why our generation is going down, the awful social dynamics.

I don’t usually write on social dynamics but I believe we need an open and genuine debate on what is happening. I am an upcoming father and need to raise honest and responsible children for the future. My twin is an exciting mom of 2 awesome girls, they should read this too.

There are thousands of men trying desperately to master the art of approaching women by reducing it to a formula which, will make it possible to “attract the women you’ve always wanted any place, anytime, and in any situation”. This is otherwise known as the “seduction”, a subculture of men made famous by Neil Strauss’s 2005 book The Game and “The Pick-Up Artist”. My twin has a reading culture and a library at home.

In my university days, i took a brief adventure. For a young man in his late teenage years and early twenties, much excruciating time is spent trying to figure out how to make oneself attractive to the opposite sex during a period when females seemingly hold all the cards – not to mention have the ability to destroy a young man’s self-esteem with a flick of the hair or a turn of the head, ahem!


There was always a dark side, however, and this was what kept my interest in it rather brief. I managed to get a girlfriend too as is the norm, to be “in class”. Read about the theory of inclusivity. This proved to me at least that I was perhaps a starter not as my friends had made me to believe.

I also noticed among my friends who took an interest in dating, once they started to feel good about themselves they rarely stuck around. Reason most of them never married their girl friends…

The most disturbing thing I encountered was the idea that when a woman says no it doesn’t really mean “no” at all, but rather “not yet”. (Don’t tell my wife about this)

I later understand that men aren’t robots who can suddenly stop at the drop of a dime with all that testosterone pumping through our system.

Bastardised evolutionary biology crops up repeatedly as we do not apparently make decisions influenced by our surroundings and well as by biological drives. No wonder a famous female blogger signs off with words like ” I kiss two ladies everyday and sleep with one “. After a deep inquiry I found out that she is a proud mother of two beautiful girls Tasha and Becky.

And there was a family meet naively thinking like OMG we need to intervene and help her.

Ok, so there are weirdos out there. Facebook weirdos at that especially now with Facebook zero in Ugandan speak, which probably is short of an android app. Don’t be fooled by the goofball amateurishness of it all, however.

Nowadays, Real Social Dynamics are at play every weekend.  Probably the largest  pick-ups are in Kampala based universities, mukono, nkozi, nkumba, Mubs etc with the craziest of bootcamps, boat cruises, blanket and wine, white parties etc..

Men will take around half a dozen women out to the capital’s high end bars and nightclubs and will try to instil in them the core principles of leisure, fun as they “interact”.

It might not be harmless chivalry that students are imbibing, however. But then you find the guy talk is like: “ when you’re done with her, you just like grab all her clothes and then throw ‘em at her, then shout get out you f***ing whore. Women deserve this because of what they’ve done to us.”

Rather than dismiss this discussion which is harming youths, families and relationships on a daily basis, we need an open and genuine debate about it. The generation x is at stake.

MARK is a business man, researcher and writer


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