Councillor: Oyo is not Kaboyo’s son, he is illegitimate   




Tooro Prince, David Kijjanangoma, has rescheduled his coronation ceremony from October to December 23, 2015, according to palace officials.

He said the change of date was prompted by his relatives living in the diaspora who also want to attend the function.

This was officially announced on Saturday at Kijanangoma’s grand feasting with subjects (kwinura) held at his palace in Rwengoma, where he hosted thousands of his subjects.

The Prince accuses King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi of neglecting Kingdom affairs and choosing to stay in another kingdom (Buganda).

He also accuses the King of conniving with the Queen Mother, Best Kemigisa, in selling kingdom properties, evicting subjects from land, among others.

Prince visits Buheesi where he is told Oyo is an illegitimate child

On Sunday, the Prince was hosted by his staunch supporter, Andrew Irumba, at his home in Kitini, Masika Buheesi Bunyangabu Kabarole District.

“This was a historic visit after about 35 years since our father last hosted late king Patrick Mathew Olimi Kaboyo, father to Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru,” Irumba says.

It was here that Kijanangoma officially launched a campaign to start visiting historical families in the kingdom with unique attachments to the Kingdom of Tooro, with a view of constructing everlasting working relationship with his subjects.


Kijanangoma addressing subjects on Saturday


“My father was one of those historical David identified, after reading kingdom history that my father saved Oyo’s life in 1980 when he gave him money and rushed him to airport to escape Government security forces who were baying for his blood for supporting the then rebel Yoweri Kaguta Museveni,” Irumba explains.

King David also met other elders in the area who petitioned him over land issues.

He assured them that they would get back their land as soon as he officially takes over in December 23rd 2015.

Speaking at the occasion, Kabarole District councillor and Chairman Finance committee at the district council, Mr.Joram Bintamanya, offered 5 buses to pick residents of the sub-county to the coronation.


He also called on all subjects to shun all kingdom functions by Oyo’s camp since he was no longer legitimate.

Joram surprised the community when he maintained the throne rejected Oyo because “he is not son to the late King Mathew Olimi Kaboyo, but rather son to late Olimi’s loyalist” suggesting he was a bastard child.

“The throne itself has rejected him, Oyo himself knows the truth. He wanted to resign recently but his mother slapped him twice in the face and warned him never to utter it again,” Joram told hundreds of people who gathered at Irumba’s home on Sunday.

We cannot independently verify the claim since Joram doesn’t provide solid evidence to back his allegation.

Ruling clan denounces Oyo

Back in April, the ruling Babiito Clan members denounced King Oyo and declared they would only pay allegiance to Kijanangoma.

Led by Prince Switzer Kaijamurubi Araali, son of the late King Kyebambe Kasagama, Christopher Karamagi and Mr. William Kagoro Araali sons of late Kesi Bahindi Kagoro former Musuga and brother to Sir George Rukidi, the members petitioned President Yoweri Museveni over the matter.


Irumba speaking at the King’s kwinura


Musuga Dan Robombora and Christopher Karamagi on behalf of Babiito community said Oyo had started eroding cultural values through the disrespect he showed to his people.

They also denounced Musuga Charles Murokole Kamurasi as head of Babiito clan Tooro Kingdom.

Security for the new King, Kijanangoma

Irumba says they have already asked President Museveni to recognise and provide the necessary security to Kijanangoma, the new King of Tooro.

Irumba also gave Kijanangoma details of land reportedly sold by Kemigisa located in Kyaka, Kyegegwa district, Burahya and Kibiito in Kabarole district.

He Kemigisa sold the land at Shs 5.1bn helped with lawyer Bob Kasanga.


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