Contact centres (BPO) would be great to insource jobs into Uganda


Uganda has great potential to get jobs. The country is well located to get jobs from Europe in similar timezones. When North America goes to sleep, Uganda is waking up. Asia is a miss as they have centres that operate 24 by 7 and have well educated people who work very hard.

Uganda also has an advantage. It is a former British colony so the official language is English.  English rules international commerce and navigation. Soon to be Chinese but we are not there yet.

As much as Uganda could compete the country faces 3 key challenges.

  1. Poor infrastructure. I wrote about this in the past.
  2. Bad PR. The daily arrests and teargas make investors wonder if their employers might not end up in the line of fire.
  3. Poor reading habits for how would one follow instructions, do their job and submit reports properly written?

On the infrastructure issue. Call centres and call contact centres are normally receiving calls from global customers who still dial their toll free members.

The Telecom service provider programmes the toll free numbers in the cloud to drop off at any assigned number.

I worked for one company where our success rate was 75% dropping off calls. We soon switched to one that could deliver 85%. We realised that we were still droping calls. We switched to a company that could deliver 95% of the calls.

All the above Telcom companies had great customer service though.

Can MTN and Airtell deliver 95% of the calls? Orange was perfect but it is out of Uganda. Can their broad band handle 3 million calls per month without dropping them?

Can Uganda provide a workforce which can read and follow instructions and communicate in flawless English? Will that workforce provide timely reports in impeccable English?

We have work to do to build our country.

Martha Leah Nangalama

I have worked on Job Migration, out sourcing, automation. I have an IT and business background and move systems and train.

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