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Congo army kills Mai Mai chief Rusagara


Congolese soldiers move to frontline positions as they advance against the M23 rebels in Kibumba

Major Bede Rusagara, the leader of the Congolese Rally for Democracy-RCD in the Democratic Republic of Congo, is reported dead.

The administrator of Uvira territory, Samuel Longanga Lenga, announced Sunday that the militia leader Bedi Rusagara commonly called BD was shot dead Saturday night in Mulongwe center of Uvira after an exchange fire with the FARDC soldiers who were after him for several weeks.

Lenga asked the late Rusagara’s militia to lay down arms and surrender to the FARDC.

Lambert Mende, the spokesperson of the DRC government also confirmed the death saying Rusagara was shot dead in the wee hours of Saturday morning in Kasenga in Uvira territory in South Kivu province.

According to The Voice of Africa Canada (VACRADIO.COM), Rusagara, chief of Mai Mai in the region of Uvira, commonly called “Bede” succumbed to his injuries after his attempt to escape the security guards at night of August 29.

“After he fired two shots with his revolver, he launched into his car RAV 4 new model of metallic color to escape his pursuers”, says the report.

Soldiers pursued him aboard a public bike and a red Hilux Surf.

He was arrested and rushed to a small military clinic, the health center of the FARDC-Sitibe Kimanga neighborhood, next to a soccer field called Epanza neighborhood where he succumbed to his injuries.

During his arrest Friday, Rusagara was carrying weapons with the intention to attack the city.

He was accused of abuses including several robberies of vehicles on National Highway No. 5, theft of cattle, abduction, rape and killings.

His body was taken to his parental stronghold in Sange.

About Rusagara

In 1996, with the advent of the Alliance of Democratic Forces for the Liberation (AFDL), Bede Rusagara had integrated groups of local self-defense.

In 2000, he had been recruited among the troops of the Congolese Rally for Democracy (RCD) and by 2003 he was at the rank of major.

He was assigned as battalion commander at the entrance Chivanga Kahuzi-Biega National Park, where he was suspected by his hierarchy of illicit sales of arms and ammunition.

Bede Rusagara had lost the confidence of his superiors and that guilt drove him to desert the army to shelter an arrest and conviction.

He joined the maquis, where he had set up an armed group Mayi Mayi that bears his name and he devoted himself with his men in the destabilization of the Ruzizi plain.

The army blamed him for conniving with foreign armed groups, including Burundian National Liberation Front (FNL).

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